ADCC 2005 Ladies, It's Official!

ADCC 2005 - 3 Women's Tournaments To Be Featured For First Time at the Submission Wrestling World Championships!

The Pyramid (Cal State Long Beach)
Long Beach, California
May 28th, and 29th, 2005

'Some small word that the ADCC 2005 would feature the ladies competing for the first time leaked on the internet, and the response was incredible' starts ADCC spokesman Miguel Iturrate. 'Today we are able to make the OFFICIAL announcement - there will be 3 tournaments of 8 competitors at ADCC 2005 in the women's division!'

'For starters, there will be 2 weight classes competing, over 60 KG and under 60 KG' describes the spokesman. 'These will be the first ever women's matches under ADCC Submission Wrestling Rules.'

2 Tournaments / 8 Women / Single Elimination:
60 KG and under (132 LBS -)
60 KG and over (132 LBS +)


1st PLACE: $2000.00
2nd PLACE: $1000.00
3rd PLACE: $500.00

'In addition' continues the spokesman 'The ADCC 2005 event will feature an 8 competitor invitational ABSOLUTE tournament for the ladies! In the men's division, the ABSOLUTE is becoming the ADCC's signature event, and it is the toughest submission tournament in any format ever. We wanted to extend that to the ladies division, so after the 2 weight class tournaments are complete, the ladies will be asked the question 'Will you compete in the ABSOLUTE? 8 will be chosen for the ABSOLUTE from those that competed'.

1st PLACE: $5000.00
2nd PLACE: $2000.00
3rd PLACE: $1000.00

How do you go about qualifying for the womens event.  We've got some VERY talented female grapplers here in Australia and I'd be interested to know how we go about getting them into ADCC.


Elvis Sinosic

Awesome & about time!


Elvis - Send a resume. Like all ADCC selections, they will certainly have an international flavor. It will not be just American and Brazilian girls.

Help me keep this TTT folks!

I'll get Laurence Cousin to send a resumé


Is she from France?


yes she is



I know Jess is still interested. Contact her at

Hope all is well!


Yes Migueli she is, she's a purple belt and very talented



GREAT news! I sent you an email about just this.


Great. Let's hope some Smackgirls get in there.

Felicia Oh- 10thPJJ/JJMachado brown belt 120lbs

Finished 5 opponents at Grapplers Quest 2 weeks ago.

Lost to Gazzy in the finals. A rematch in ADCC would be huge.

Hotties could make abu dhabi more tolerable

Sweet thanks.


Gazzy definately deserves an invite