If anyone is interested in tickects, ticketmaster and such will be on sale in March, however, we announced the following:

The main thing is I wanted to post on here who is FIGHTMARKET.COM.

This is the new website that is now up and running. People are usually skeptical of sites, and rightfully so, so I wanted people to know that this site is related to the AFC in Florida and the ADCC 2005. Right now, the site catalog includes the AFC that we have been doing for over 2 years, and this group owns the ADCC 2005 rights as well (video and show promotion).

Forum member 'Carlao' plays a big part in this site, as the old FIGHTERS CORNER he worked on has been revamped into FIGHTERS MARKET. he can help with questions as well.

I know many people will vouch for us, but I wanted those that didnt know us to have some place for reference.

The fulfillment end of FIGHTERS CORNER didnt get complaints and was solid overall, and that is the same on the new site.

Hopefully this makes people thnik about the mail order for tickets - people who jump on it will literally wind up with some of the best tickets in the house!!!

looks good. hey miguel. feel free to e-mail me back about Joe. Also, you can count us for a definite for what we talked about. Time to book some flights now :)

My unsolicited endorsement:

I ordered from FIGHTMARKET.COM and received my order in like two days (and shipping was free)!


miguel. i know you saw my message. i'm expecting an e-mail tonight :)



Ordered mine already - VIP Seats! I'm there!

Who else is going?

By the way...anyone know any BIG Names that will be present in the audience?



Solid people

American Top Team


Hey do we get special service in the "VIP" section like from Hooters girls and what not, or is it just called "VIP" because they're the best seats?