ADCC 2007

I finally got to go to ADCC. This year was great.

I unfortunately didnt see Mishas fight but heard he got robbed. I did see Bocek spank and outclass Drew Fickett. Drew is a tough grappler but had no answer for Bo.

I admire Bocek for his warrior attitude offering to fight in the open! Unfortunately, politics played alot on who was given a spot on the openweight otherwise Bocek would have been in!

Two of my life long dreams happened this past weekend. First I got to work with with Bruce Buffer! Yeahhhh Hes a super funny guy. and second, I met and got a picture with the original Brazillian Bad Boy, WALLID ISMAEL!

Thanx to the Kombat crew (Hector,Shaym and Amir) as well as James for coming along and helping out

I didnt see any Fight Network people, did anyone else?Its a shame because this years ADCC was way more exciting than Werdum X Arvloski

Also, it was nice to be the first guy to roll on the ADCC mats and score a victory (4-0) at the ADCC!

It is interesting to me to note how Mike Fowler beat Renzo by decision and later submitted Saulo Ribeiro. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe when Bocek and Fowler met at the trials Bocek beat Fowler nicely on points.

All manner of things can happen at these high level tournaments but it seems clear that to win big, you have to be prepared to compete against anyone. Bocek has to know he has business in there with anyone now. Hence, Bocek's warrior spirit.

Oh yeah, thanx to the Kombat crew for teaching me that "Its da Principle"

Some more ADCC thoughts

-Marcelo Garcia is on another class far beyond everyone else. Yes Robert Drysdale did tap him, but there were other factors involved in that match that allowed for this outcome.

-Mike Fowler did an amazing job and beat 2 world champions who were past ADCC champs and favoured to win. This kid is amazing. Makes Bocek look even better as he smoked Fowler at the North American Trials

-Jeff Glover almost tapped Leo Vieira twice. Leo hasnt been tapped since.....forever...well untill Rhany but still. Jeff Glover showed some of the slickest jiu-jitsu I have seen in a long time

-Kelly Paul looks like a man

-Fabricio Werdum is a big bug guy

-Renzo Gracie is the nicest person in the world. Happy to smile, hug and rub the fat belly of anyone asking for a picture.

-Josh Barnett seemed annoyed that people would ask him for pictures or even talk to him

-Leo Vieira lost to Rhany finally.

-Gabe Ruediger was in attendance and all he wanted to talk about was food and the UFC

-the women of ADCC were amazing. Kyra hurt her knee really bad :(