ADCC 2009 - Participants

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                                ADCC 2009 - Participants

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                    <p><strong>Female -60kg:</strong> (-132 lbs)<br />

Kyra Gracie, Brasil

Ina Steffensen, Denmark

Laurence Cousin, France

Michelle Tavares, Brasil

Megumi Fuji, Japan

Sayaka Shioda, Japan

Hillary Williams, USA

Female 60kg+: (132+ lbs)

Lana Stefanac, USA

Shanti Abelha, Denmark

Ida Hansson, Sweden

Rosângela Conceição, Brasil

Hitomi Hiraiwa (Akano), Japan

Penny Thomas, South Africa

Hannette Quadros Staack, Brasil

Male -65.9kg: (-145 lbs)

Jeff Curran, USA

Justin Rader, USA

Leo Vieira, Brazil

Hiroshi "Iron" Nakamura, Japan

Jeff Glover, USA

Baret Yoshida, USA

Rubens Charles Maciel, Brasil

Jayson Patino, USA

David Marinakis, Australia

Ryan Hall, USA

Timo-Juhani Hirvikangas, Finland

Nicolas Renier, France

Rafael Mendes, Brasil

Kohei Yasumi, Japan

Rani Yahya, Brasil

Male -76.9kg: (-169 lbs)

Ben Askren, USA

Bill Cooper, USA

Milton Vieira, Brazil

Yoshiyuki Yoshida, Japan

Georges St. Pierre, Canada

Pablo Popovich, USA

Marcelo Garcia, Brasil

Kron Gracie, USA

Enrico Cocco, USA

Rodney Ellis, Australia

Don Ortega, USA

Toni Linden, Finland

Marcelo Azevedo, Brasil

Murilo Santana, Brasil

Keita Nakamura, Japan

Male -87.9kg: (-193 lbs)

Gunnar Nelson, Iceland

Tarsis Humphreys, Brasil

Rousimar Palhares, Brasil

Braulio Estima, UK

Nate Marquadt, USA

Mike van Arsdale, USA

Daniel Tabera, Spain

Rafael Lovato Jr.

Chris Weidman, USA

Igor Praporshchikov, Australia

Jason Selva, USA

Trond Saksenvik, Norway

Damian Maia, Brasil

Andre Galvao, Brasil

Kazuhiro Nakamura, Japan

Kassim Annan, France

Male -98.9kg: (-217 lbs)

Marcio Cruz, Brasil

Renato Sobral, Brasil

Vesa Vuori, Finland

Vinicius Magalhães, Brasil

Dean Lister, USA

Roberto Abreu, USA

Ricardo Arona, Brasil

Alexandre Ribeiro, USA

Gerardi Rinaldi, USA

Anthony Perosh, Australia

Rafael Davies, USA

Andreas Olsen, Norway

Radek Turek, Poland

Glover Teixeira, Brasil

Yukiya Naito, Japan

Male +99kg: (217+ lbs)

Jeff Monson, USA

Tom Erikson, USA

Jon Olav Einemo, Norway

Rogent Lloret, Spain

Saulo Ribeiro, USA

Fabricio Werdum, Brasil

Dennis Roberts, Australia

Asa Fuller, USA

Janne-Pekka Pietiläinen, Finland

Tomasz Janiszewski, Poland

Antoine Jaoude, Brasil

Kouji Kanechika, Japan

Tom DeBlass, USA

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Jacare's name is notably absent, but other than that these are some incredible fields.  this will be a great event.

Thought Fedor was competing in this?

ohferfuxsakes -  no Roger Gracie either?

Roger is in a superfight with drysdale. He isn't doing his weight or absolute.

 Ben Askren! thats awesome

 Even the <60 kg Women's division is awesome.

Hillary, Kyra Grace, Megumi Fuji, and Ana Michelle Tavares.  Damn

 Even the <60 kg Women's division is awesome.

Hillary, Kyra Grace, Megumi Fuji, and Ana Michelle Tavares.  Damn

Awesome. I just wish they would ditch the superfight and put Roger and Drysdale in the normal divisions.

I noticed Maia is not competing which is dissapointing. I also thought it was interesting that Pe De Pano is competing in a weight division below his usual. I wonder how Saulo will do at heavy weight, he is fighting in a division 48lbs heavier than last time he competed in ADCC

There is only 1 Canadian on the list. Misha Cirkunov definetly deserves to be there....

damn 145 169 193

Edited because I quoted the wrong post like a dumbass. To the guy saying Maia isn't competing, look again...
Damian Maia, Brasil

"To the guy saying Maia isn't competing, look again"

Thanks, not sure how I missed that

Ecko Unltd -  Ben Askren! thats awesome

Go Rillary!

 Go Killary


Shame Romulo Barral isn't there.     

JDolo -  I see GSP wiping his ass with his division.  A GSP/Arksen match up would be cool to see GSP out wrestle a Olympic wrestler.

you really think he'll wipe his ass with marcelo, do some research before you start daydreaming. marcelo will floss his taint with GreasyP.

GSP will never beat Marcelo, much less beat bill cooper,popovich, or askren. plus you have milton vieira and Kron in the same div.