ADCC 2009 Qualification Tournament

ADCC South Pacific Qualification Tournament

To be held at the Sydney University Aquatic Centre on Sunday 8th March 2009.

Further details regarding weigh in and start times will be announced closer to the event.

Please note that this a separate competition run by a different organisation and Sheik to the gi competition which is running earlier in the year. All grappling styles are welcome regardless of belt.

The Accor hotel group has jumped on board as a sponsor again and there will be a heavily discounted rate at a nearby location to the venue as an option if interstate competitors which to use it.

Unfortunately there is bad news for female competitors. There will be no trials for female competitors at this event. The organizer has not secured a sponsor for this event. This time around there will be only 2 weight divisions of 8 and ADCC has already invited 7 in each. This is regrettable and out of our control. The only option for any female competitors is to travel to Japan the week before and try to win that trial for a space.

For further information please contact John Donehue or Larry Papadopoulos

can you enlighten us on the benefits of this qualifier?
is this the actual adcc qualifier for the overseas event, or is it like the one in years past where if u win u just get a better seeding in the sth pacific/ oceania adcc event?

The weigh ins will be 24 hours? day before? morning? before first fight?

Time for plan B...

I believe this is the Qualifier for the south pacific/oceania. Not the Seeding comp. Essentially this is the real deal for all hopefully participants.

As for weigh-ins, just like they've always been...24 hrs before the start of the comp.

Cool, thanks for the update.

Larry what are the two weight divisions for females?
I wouldn't mind heading back to Japan