ADCC 2011 Highlight. Awesome stuff IMO

Jeff Glover's sick.

Look how nervous Renzo is, I love Jiu Jitsu more than life itself.

Can't wait for the ADCC 2011 DVD Phone Post

mata_leao - Can't wait for the ADCC 2011 DVD Phone Post

this should be the trailer

please! ---> Phone Post

Great Highlight. Was so suprised with the amount of submissions this year (ankle locks especially).

Man, Paul Harris might be a complete dick when it comes to his finishes. But he is so good with the heel hooks.

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Great stuff man.


A guy from my gym does the videos, does videos for ground control(biggest no gi comp) in the uk.

 vid won't let me see this.  Says its vimeo plus?

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Paul Harris does nothing gently he shakes hands rough and the destroys your knee Phone Post

damn that is awesome

 Great vid!  Thanks for sharing

no problem guys i wish it wouldnt have been removed, I will post it again this time with a disclaimer.