ADCC 2011: Leg attacks and Guillotines

Don't have the stats, put looks like legs (knee bars, heel hooks, toe holds, etc...) were the top subs a long with guillotines

The leglocks make sense cause their guards are hard to pass Phone Post

I noticed the leg attack thing in a lot of the pictures I have been seeing...


Arm attacks were pretty rare. I think there were less than ten total arm bars/kimuras/americanas total off the top of my head: Gabi Garcia had two americana's, Murillo Sanatana hit two armbars(one in his weight class, one in the absolute), Xande, Rodolfo, Peinado and Cyborg each had one armbar. I think that's it.

I just posted this in a thread on the Anaconda Forum:

I could have made a mistake or two, but if I am counting right, here's how the numbers break down in the mens divisions (including Absolute) for ADCC this year:

52 wins by pts
17 wins by leglock
8 wins by armbar
6 wins by guillotine
5 wins by RNC
4 wins by triangle
2 wins by judges decision
1 win by D'Arce
1 win by DQ

That means that there were as many leglocks as armbars, RNCs, and Triangles combined.


I thought there was more guillotines than that though, I may be wrong

 there was a LOT of 50/50 goin on...