ADCC 2011

Any word on the location for next years ADCC World Championships?

Japan? Abu Dhabi? I thought they were trying to move it around the world each time.

They need to keep it in the US and they may actually fill the stands. Instead of the ghost town that was Barcelona. Phone Post

Pictures from yesterday's ADCC Trials in New jersey

Yeah..if it's in the US, Ill b there. no doubt.

Rumor is Las Vegas.

Good God that would be awesome..

In fact, so awesome I'll say it again: GOOD GOD that would be awesome!!

it doesn't have to be the US, but certainly not Barcelona again. That was horrible.

USA, Brazil, or Japan. That's it. Rotate between those three places.

Would Russia have potential?

Please be in vegas! Phone Post

If it's in the States, I'm going no matter WHAT. Vegas would be great. I would probably even travel abroad, if they'd have it somewhere good . . . Barcelona wasn't happening, though.

Last time they were talking about Vegas being a rumored venue but never happened. It should happen in Los Angeles or Brazil

theken206 - When do the reigonals start? Wonder if there is gunna be another NW reigonals tourny. I enjoyed working for ADCC.

East Coast Trials was last Saturday.West Coast is in March
here are the pics

Who won the East Coast Trials?

All I know is, after 2 straight No-Gi Mundials gold medals, Lucas Lepri better be in it.

Mark Hunter - Who won the East Coast Trials?

-66kg Mark Ramos
-66-76kg Vagner Rocha
-77-87kg Rustam Chsiev
-88-98kg Joseph Lee Baize
+99kg Mario Rinaldi

ttt hoping for a response to the OP.

ttt? location yet?