ADCC 2015 Day One Total Submissions

Here’s my breakdown of the ADCC 2015 Day One finishes. Because of the variable camera coverage, there are definitely a few question marks below. If you can fill in any of those blanks please post the correct finish and likewise if you think I screwed anything up. I’ll update numbers as we go.

But first let’s look at the 2011 and 2013 numbers for comparison.

My ADCC 2013 Day One Breakdown:
Leg Attack Finishes: 8 or 9 total (4 heelhooks, 1 or 2 kneebars, 1 toehold, 2 straight ankles)
Upper body Finishes: 20 total (6 RNC, 3 armbar, 2 kimura, 4 guillotine, 3 triangle, 2 Darce)

My Breakdown for Both Days of ADCC 2013:
Leg Attack Finishes: 15 total (8 heelhooks, 2 kneebars, 3 toehold, 2 straight ankles)
Upper Body Finishes: 26 total (9 RNC, 5 armbar, 2 kimura, 5 guillotine, 3 triangle, 2 Darce)

My Breakdown for Both days ADCC 2011:
52 wins by pts
17 total leg attack Finishes
24 total Upper Body Finishes (8 armbar, 6 guillotine, 5 RNC, 4 triangle, 1 D’Arce)
2 wins by judges decision
1 win by DQ

ADCC 2015 Day One:

Leg Attacks--6 total:
4 heelhooks
2 kneebars

Full Body Attacks--1 total:
1 Twister

Upper Body Attacks--14 total:
3 Armbar-including 1 triangle armbar and 1 crucifix armbar with legs
2 Kimura
1 Triangle--no arm
1 Pressing Armlock
1 Arm Triangle
1 Omoplata

13 Points
6 Judge’s Decision

ADCC 2015 Day One Match by Match Results:

Elimination Round
Cobrinha def Rasul RNC
Grippo def. Marangoni Pts
Mendes def. Renier pts
Cummings def. Surkhay Heelhook
Frazzato def. Ramos RNC
Sancar Santos def. Hirao ?
Glover def. Hortegas Heelhook
Geo def. Vieira Triangle Armbar from back

Souza def. Agazarm RNC
Rocha def. Milton Vieira ?
Lepri def. Mateusz pts
Tonon def. Danis Heelhook
Ramos def. Noh ?
Rollo def. Cocco ?
Burns def. Giles Armbar
Magomed def. Henderson RNC

Barral def. Jones Kimura from N-S
Gracie def. Lenon Kneebar
Popovitch def. Tyska RNC
Simoes def. Ramos pts
Lovato def. Mihara pts
Chsiev def. Arroyo refs dec
Keenan def. Urholin RNC ?
Calasans def. Perez refs decision

Assis def. Narkun pts
Uminski def. DeBlass pts ?
Pena def. Alencar pts
Friedrich def. Michalec Kneebar
Ribeiro def. Ozawa Omoplata
Lombard def. Bukich pts ?
Rodolfo def. Sachnoff Arm Triangle
Da Silva def Green ?

Lister def. Chul Pressing Armlock
Sanchez def. Pietillainen Crucifix Armbar with legs
Magalhaes def. Ardila Heelhook
Artilheiro def. Lucio ?
Cavaca def. Sekine ref. decision
Dopp def. Lucas ?
Rocha def. Lees ?
Marte def. Mateusz No arm Triangle

Quarter Finals
Cobrinha def. Grippo pts
Mendes def. Cummings pts
Frazzato def. Sancar Santos ?
Geo def. Glover pts

Souza def. Rocha refs. decision
Lepri def. Tonon pts
Ramos def. Rollo ?
Burns def. Magomed ?

Barral def. Gracie N-S Kimura
Simoes def. ?
Chsiev def. Lovato refs. decision
Keenan def. Calasans

Assis def. Uminski ?
Pena def. Friedrich ?
Ribeiro def. Lombard refs decision
Rodolfo def. ?

Sanchez def. Lister pts
Vinny def. Artilheiro twister
Dopp def. Cavaca ?
Rocha def. Marte ?