ADCC - All results and semis here

Under 65kg

1st Round

Leo Vieira defeated Sim Go

Jeff Glover submitted Janie Ballard

Naoya Uematsu defeated Javi Vasquez

Tetsu Suzuki defeated Renier Nicholas

Rani Yahya submitted Darrel Mooley

Bruno Frazatto submitted Blair Tugman 

Baret Yoshida submitted Eddie Sanchez

Yoshitomi Mishima defeated Renato Migliaccio

Quarter Finals

Leozinho defeated Jeff Glover

Suzuki defeated Uematsu

Rani defeated Frazatto

Yoshida defeated Mishima

Semi Finals

Leozinho Vieira vs Tetsu Suzuki

Rani Yahya vs Barret Yoshida

Under 76 kg

1st Round

Pablo Popovich defeated Erick Dahlberg

Daisuke Sugie defeated Miltinho Vieira 

André Galvão submitted Chris Bright

Mark Bocek defeated Drew Fickett

Marcelinho Garcia submitted George Soritopoulos

Kurt Pellegrino defeated Nelsinho Monteiro 

Saulo Ribeiro submitted Takafumi Hanai

Mike Fowler defeated Renzo Gracie

Quarter Finals

Popovich defeated Sugie

Galvão submitted Bocek

Marcelinho submitted Pellegrino

Fowler submitted Saulo

Semi Finals

Marcelinho Garcia vs Mike Fowler

André Galvão vs Pablo Popovich

Under 87 kg

1st Round

Demian Maia defeated Yushin Okami

Rafael Lovato submitted Marko Ellen

David Avellan defeated Michal Martela

Tarsys Humphreys defeated Jorge Santiago 

Flavio Cachorrinho defeated Rick MaCauley

Sauli Heilimo defeated Dave Lavey

Romulo Barral defeated Travers Grubb

Chris Moriarty defeated Haim Gozali

Quarter Finals

Demian defeated Lovato

Humphreys defeated Avellan

Cachorrinho defeated Sauli

Barral defeated Moriarty

Semi Finals

Demian Maia vs Tarsys Humphreys

Flavio Cachorrinho vs Romulo Barral

Under 99 kg

1st Round

Xande Ribeiro submitted Yukiyasu Ozawa

Tim Carpenter defeated Tim Boetsch

Robert Drysdale defeated Mario Miranda 

Steve Rusk defeated Mischa Cirkunov

Alexandre Cacareco submitted Carl Bierman

Radek Turek defeated Nick Eckerman

Braulio Estima submitted Tomas Szczerek

Cristiano Lazzarini submitted Anthony Perosh


Quarter Finals

Xande submitted Carpenter

Drysdale submitted Rusk

Cacareco submitted Turek

Braulio submitted Titi

Semi Finals

Xande Ribeiro vs Robert Drysdale

Alexandre Cacareco vs Braulio Estima

Over 99kg

1st Round

Fabricio Werdum submitted Elvis Sinosic

Karol Bedorf submitted Joey Malone 

Luis Big Mac defeated Rico Hattingh

Darren Andy defeated Pat Staniol 

Marcio Pé de Pano submitted Janne Pietilainen

Marcos Oliveira defeated Bryan Vetell

Mario Rinaldi defeated Miodrag Pele

Rolls Gracie defeated Naomishi Nagata

Quarter Finals

Werdum defeated Bedorf

Big Mac defeated Darren Andy

Pé de Pano defeated Marcos Oliveira

Rolls Gracie Defeated Rinaldi

Semi Finals

Fabricio Werdum  vs Darren Andy

Marcio Pé de Pano  vs Rolls Gracie

go beret!!!

"Big Surprise GI BJJers dominating...AGAIN."

If you think ADCC is anything more than a world-class no-gi bjj tournament, you're delusional.

Go Fowler!

holy crap.  if anyone has some of fowler's matches on tape, i would love to see them.  Fowler v. Garcia is gonna be awesome.  Garcia v. Galvao would be good to see too. Leo and Baret.  good god, way to many awesome matchups


thanks. man i wish i could have gone.

WOW, Fowler beats Renzo and Saulo!!!

chris - Fowler's matches can by found on youtube under "ADCC 2007"

He just lost to Garcia (choke from mount) and Galvao

Garcia choked Fowler like he submits everyone.

Arm-triangle by Marcelo?

Guillotine from mount.

Marcelo is subbing his way right through the absolutes too! Rolles Gracie, gone!

not any more

Did Marcelo win his 76 Kg division?

Yup, but but got second in the absolutes.

Cool. Great showing, as usual.

Baret Yoshida lost?



Over 99kg
- Fabricio Werdum defeated Rolls Gracie by four to zero with two takedowns

Under 99kg
- Xande Ribeiro defeated Braulio Estima by 11 to 0 from a mount and taking the back

Under 87kg
- Demian Maia defeated Flavio Cachorrinho by armbar

Under 76kg
- Marcelo Garcia defeated Pablo Popovich with North-South Choke

Under 65kg
- Rani Yahya defeated Leo Vieria with a rear naked choke



Under 55kg
- Sakaia Shioda defeated Felicia Oh by points

Under 60kg
- Kyra Gracie defeated Tara LaRosa by 3 to 0

Under 67kg
- Hanette Quadros defeated Kelly Paul by score of 9 to 0

Over 67kg
- Penny Thomas defeated Lana Stefanac by penalty point