ADCC DVD 2005 Update!

Here is the update on the ADCC 2005 DVD set!

With all the footage/matches per weight class, we had to use a DVD 9
disc (Dual Layer disc). We have heard that authoring on a dual layer
disc using Apple's DVD Studio Pro had some tricky issues. With the new
DVD Studio Pro 4, it was supposed to take care of those issues.
Unfortunately, the new software was released during the ADCC event,
so we did not have a chance to see if it had corrected the problems. We
should have used other means, but I felt that Studio Pro would have
sped up the process.

As of yesterday, the transfer from DVD Studio Pro to DLT tape was
successful! Now all I'm waiting on is the result from does tapes being
checked for quality. I should have an answer by tomorrow morning if
everything is a go! Once we get the ok, then the duplication company
will make glass copies of each disc ( 3 discs), which will take about 10
hours per disc because of the size of the disc. Once that is done, then
they will duplicate the necessary quantity that we ordered. The project
Manager will try to ship enough DVD's that I need to full-fill all pre-
orders on Friday, Aug. 5th, for overnight delivery on Saturday. Worse
case scenario, they will be shipped to me on Monday Aug. 8th.

The good news is, that four discs and the case are ready and waiting
for the other three discs for packaging! We have also started to print
shipping labels, so all we have to do is to throw the set in the box and
take them to the post office! From there it should take 2-3 business
days for delivery (Priority Mail). To show our gratitude for everyone's
patience and understanding, we will be providing a free AFC DVD for
all pre-order customers who ordered before July 28th (Eastern
Standard Time)!

I apologize for the delay and hopefully everyone understands that we
worked hard to create this set as quickly as possible, considering we
do this as part-time while we have our real jobs, which they have not
fired us yet! I hope that we have set the standard for future ADCC
events by providing all matches and the turn around time! My goal was
to have it ready in 6 weeks after the event, but unfortunately I was off
by 2 weeks! Next time I will say 8 weeks!


Eddie Miranda

Thanks for the honesty

Primo does a great job with the AFC dvd's and knowing he is running the show for ADCC you can expect great quality dvd authoring.

Get some sleep now Primo! LOL!

hey primo when is the afc 12 dvd coming out

Since priority No#1 was ADCC, AFC 12 was put on the back burner! AFC
12 and 13 will be ready hopefully in a month!

Very nice customer service!

Will those being sent overseas also go by Priority Mail?? If so, then how many buisness days do you estimate it will take for Europe?

Hey Primo, it's Ed Doty, one of your live editors for the event. How
ddoes the whole thing look? Can't wait to see it.

In case he needs more props, PRIMO is the driving force behind the video projects at AFC and the ADCC.

FIGHTMARKET.COM is the store that carries AFC, ADCC etc and this sux that it is late, but a remarkable achievement is about to be put out in the form of ADCC 2005.

Props to Primo.

OF course the Euro orders will go out quickly, and I picutre a roughly 5-7 day turnaround, no later.

Also depends on where in Europe - if your LAtvian, you will be waiting : )

Not in Latvia, but I hear its a very beautiful country. :)


thanks for the update


primo. get yourself some rest :)

bored out my mind here in the el palacio lounge.

nice gesture with the free AFC dvd.


*feeds meth to Primo, so he just works around the clock and does not need any sleep**

I dont think he gets any sleep as is