ADCC Europe Trails results

ADCC European Trials 2005 - 5 Champions bound for the World Championships
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Posted On 01/23/2005

ADCC European Trials 2005

Saturday, January 25th saw the second edition of the European Trials for ADCC 2005 occur in Stockholm, Sweden. The elvel of competition in Europe seems to be expöoding, as a noticeable jump in depth and quality was noticed in the 16 man fields of each tournament. The champions are listed below.

2005 ADCC European Trials Champions
-65.9kg - Toni Kröger. Finland HJJK
-76.9kg - Martin Lindqvist. Sweden Hilti BJJ Stockholm
-87.9kg - Marko Helen. Finland TJJK
-98.9kg - Alistair Overeem. Holland Tatsujin Dojo
+98.9kg - Mustafa Al Turk. U.K Shootfighting London

In the under 65.9 division, Toni Kröger of Finland avenged his loss in the finals of the 2003 Trials, against fellow countryman Teemu Lainus. Kroger used a solid, methodial game to stay ahead of his opponents throughout the day.

Martin Lindqvist of Sweden reigned supreme in the 76.9 kilo class, winning with lightning fast arm bars in two matches, as well as finishing Iranian world class wrestler Kamal Sholurus with a triangle. Lindqvist was considered the most technical fighter of the event in the eyes of many of the judges.

Marko Helen of Finland took out defending Trials champion Robert Sulski with a rear named choke in the finals.

Surprise of the day went to PRIDE fighter Alistair Overeem, who submitted all of his opponents using a guillotine. One of the judges stated `He is a talented athlete, and everyone knows him as a standup fighter, so it was a surprise to see him so relaxed at the submission game. Certainly 4 submissions sends a messaage´´.

In the heavyweight division, Mustafa Al Turk of the UK worked hard throughout his bouts, emerging the champion with a submission in the finals over Ricardo Wondel.

More to come from this event in the days to come!

Thanks for results.

Any news on how Hansen did before he lost?

Good for Allistar

How did Ross Pointon do?

Joachim lost to a world class wrestler that beat him via takedown.  He did try several subs. but never got close.  the guy that beat Joachim got subed by the winner in the semis-

Thanks for the post Carlao



Hansen´s opponent kept running away from him and avoiding the ground. They didn´t spend much time on the ground but during that time Hansen had a triangel attempt. Strategic fight by the wrester to wait until the end of the fight and go for the takedown, but boring.

The finnish fighters generally looked great, both strong, well conditioned and technical. Look out for them in the future.

Several upsets in the beginning with well-known grapplers losing their first fights, Hansen being one of them.

But the rule of no points the first minutes creates some stalling in the matches, especially in the later fights. Not very audience-friendly.

where are you carlao?

Dude Overeem looked very impresive.

some people are underestimating Overeem. he is very good at subgrappling.

I hope he does well in Abudabi

does anyone know how jaime walsh did?

I was surprised to see Alistair on there. I thought he was strictly a standup fighter with some G&P.

"I thought he was strictly a standup fighter with some G&P."

Overeem is better at grappling than at striking. see how much people he has submitted. He is great and he is the futur of the sport. only 24 years old!!!!

I guess I've only seen a couple of his fights and he was doing a lot of Muay Thai in those fights.