I would like to see Pedrinho Brandao in this event. It will be a great super-fight against anybody he fight's. Let's see if they get him.

I agree! Get him in there!

Pedro would much rather fight MMA against Jorge Masvidal from FFA.We have already talked about about it, but Pedro's brother who just got his Brown belt would do a superfight.

Gracie Barra TN

Of course if Pedro couldnt get a MMA fight he would glady do a superfight against Marcos Avellen for the ADCC.

Straight from the man him self........

marcos vs. pedro is classic. pedro is deffinately worth having in any grappling event.

When are you tearing up the ring again Charles?


Love Pedrinho!

Anyone who makes their MMA debut against Phil Johns is a workhorse and a stud.

I hear he wants to do MMA first, but he may grapple on this event - calls have been made!


brandon: I am set to face a fellow from finland in the next AFC. Thanks for the interest.

Do you have anything lined up? I always enjoy watching you fight.

Charles, you giving the farm away? They got contracts, I think I sent a 2nd version of one for you to Waller.

2 RDS - 185 LBS: Charles Mccarthy versus Yka Leino (Finnfighters, Turku, Finland)

This thread is about grappling!

It will be great to see my friend in there, plus it's been a while I haven't seen him.

I'm fighting Jan 24. I'm going to give the "new Nose"that Masvidal gave me a try. Maybe this time I'll remember to keep me hands up =)

Good luck Charles and if Pedro fights in Fla I'll see you then.

miguel: sorry didnt want to give anything away :). besides double promotion on both your events cant be a bad thing.

Brandon: is that in kotc? I didnt realize your nose was broken I never like to hear about lasting damage :(.

Cant wait to see this adcc event! I am stoked about some of the possible matchups!


for sure he will fight the night before and then grapple next day.


That 1st bomb Jorge landed broke something in the left side of my nose along with causing a lot of scar tissue which made it impossible to breath through my left nostril. It never would heal right and kept bleeding when I would train so I finally went to the DR and got it fixed.

I am fighting a rematch/grudge match of sorts at a small show in Kentucky.More of a trial run than anything.Pedro has another guy fighting and 2 of Casey Oxindine's guys are fighting as well.

Are you going to the Bud World Cup in NC?


ttt for my friend that's a great grappler...
I will be very happy to finally see him do this kind of event.

ttt for pedro......

Brandon: unfortunately I cant make it to NC but I have a few guys going up there to compete. Good luck with everything and next time we cross paths ill be sure to introduce myself.