ADCC in Vancouver!

I haven't seen this posted here, so..

The ADCC North American Trials are taking place in Vancouver! The actual ADCC is taking place in the US this year! Check for more details!

Is it VERNON or VANCOUVER? They mention both on ADCC. It's supposed to be in Vernon, right?

What about the canadian trials? When/where are they?


Canadian trials are in august in Toronto!

The ADCC North American Trials are being held in Vernon. It will be a huge weekend presented by Showdown and Evolution MMA

Jason Darrah


Sept. 17, 18th & 19

ADCC trials along with another grappling tournament with cash prizes open to anyone in the daytime on SAT. MMA fights FRI. and SAT. night and a 2 day Eddie Bravo seminar at the Evolution Academy !!!


Costs please

That is when youv'e figured it all out.

Also are you going to do an inclusive deal?

ie. Seminars/Card fights/ Tourny/ Dinner/ "entertainment?