ADCC - Ken Shamrock

I have long thought that Ken Shamrock could be a force in ADCC absolute division.

What does the UG think?

I think so too. He's a very good submission grappler, is very strong, etc


i think he would get schooled.

Ken Shamrock would be exciting to see, but I think he's to far past his prime at this point.

Even when he was younger I think he would have struggled. He comes from the pancrase school of grappling and they are a little too fast and loose to perform at the ADCC level.


""i think he would get schooled""


I could go off for days on this one, but I'll focus on one thing.

There are not alot of leg-locks in ADCC. Ken is a Leg-submission expert. Proven.

Any time you can go for leg-submissions, and don't have to worry about punches and kicks to the head- your in a good situation.

With Ken's wrestling and submission abilities, combined with his pure strength and vast experience, and the fact that he is a leg-submission expert!!

I'm more than sure Ken would be a force.

It's just logical.

Ken would get tapped. His sub skills were always overrated.

Ken would kick ass in ADCC. Just about anyone who's ever ever rolled with him will tell you that his grappling ability is top notch.

... or you could believe random UG trolls. You're call.

RRRrrrriight, random trolls. The guy gets tapped under 2 minutes by Royce and holds on for dear life their second fight. Since then he hasnt shown much - he hasnt subbed anyone of note since then.

The only thing people say about his grappling is that he's very strong. Well, that strength didnt get him far against Tito who completely out wrestled and out grappled him in their match. You could see the control Tito had, and it wouldnt have been much different without strikes.

ken would be owned by jeff monson and most other heavies.

He would get tapped out within the first two minutes against a decent grappler in ADCC.

he'd probably be like kerr, not as good a wrestler of course, but i think the fights would look the same

"...bjj black belt conan silveira."

Ya a very deserving black belt he is.

freaky strength, great top game, no guard.

I have to give Ken Shamrock credit where it is due. Honestly I love watching the guy fight, but lost a lot of respect for him in constantly dissing Royce Gracie in public, on forums, in speeches, on tv, and in his book. Recently I gained a hell of a lot of respect back for him, because he is honestly doing something I NEVER thought he would do. He is donating a bunch of autographed items from himself and the Lions Den for my St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital that you see threads of all over the place on here. That shocked me. Whenever you do an event like this you have an idea of who will email you, and who wont. I never in a million years thought members of the Lions Den or Ken Shamrock would be willing to do this. Much Props!

Fearless Goat

"Has Kerr EVER submitted anyone in MMA"

yup, in:

UFC14, UFC15, Pride3, Pride6, Pride10

on top he would do good. But don't you guys remember his guard work against Ortiz? Non-existant.

This would be very interesting to watch. His strength and extensive experience in grappling would go a long way in ADCC. Let's break this down starting with his weakest area, the bottom position:

We actually haven't seen much of Ken's guard, outside of the time honored Pancrase matches of the early 90's, other than the Tito fight which was somewhat of an anomaly. That was the only time Ken looked really bad and its hard to extrapolate much from it because he cut so much weight and was injured. One thing that was demonstrated against Tito was Ken's toughness.

His takedown defense and strength would be a big plus. Even Fujita couldn't take him down and Severn was guillotined when he tried. The wrestlers like Monson would have a tough time getting Ken to the ground, more so in MMA because of the striking component, but in ADCC also due to Ken's strength and experience. I doubt he's lose many takedown points.

His submission experience is extensive, starting in Japan before the first UFC, then evolving over time after the Royce loss in UFC 1. We haven't seen him against modern submission oriented HW's like Mir, but he did leg lock Kimo (who's a super strong BJJ blackbelt that gave Royce fits), put some brutal ankle locks on Frye and of course had all those Pancrase bouts with the old masters Funaki, Hume and others.

Given this, I think Ken would do pretty well but there's not really enough data to know for sure. I wonder how Frank Shamrock would do in ADDC?

"When was the last time Tito Ortiz Ortiz tapped someone in MMA? What about Vitor Belfort or Mark Kerr. Has Kerr EVER submitted anyone in MMA? Yet he did fine in ADCC.

There is more than subs in ADCC. If you're a good wrestler who can control position and takedown people then you can do just fine in ADCC."

You make it sound like Tito doesnt have any sub skills. He did sub Yuki Kondo in MMA and when he went to ADCC he subbed at least 3 opponents which is alot for one ADCC competiton. Vitor and Mark have won fights with subs as another post mentioned. Seems like you're just rambling without knowing what you are talking about.

" but he did leg lock Kimo (who's a super strong BJJ blackbelt that gave Royce fits)"

UM he wasnt a black belt back when Ken subbed him.