Abu Dhabi Combat Club, Showdown Fightwear and Evolution MMA are proud to announce one of the biggest combat sports weekends in North American History.

On September 17th, 18th and 19th in beautiful Vernon, British Columbia there will be two 8 man tourneys of Pro MMA fights, ADCC's North American Trials and training seminars from top fighters.

Friday night will be two 8 man tournaments. Each tournament has four Americans and four Canadians in both a 155lb and 185 lb category, the first and second round are Friday and the finals are Saturday after the ADCC North American Trials. Also, on Saturday night there will be two big American VS Canadian Superfights.

More news to follow as many people will be part of this MMA and grappling extravaganza.

For information on the event please contact us at and or

Awesome....Great work guys.

I'm guessing this is the big news. Not that big if you ask me. :)

Congrats guys, I'm sure you'll do a great job!

North American Trials, MMA Event, all in one city, one weekend.'s nothing

The Canadian Trials will be announced soon. First and second place get a spot to fight at the North American Trials in B.C.


Thats awesome. Wish it was a little closer to home.

i will most certainly be making the road trip for this!

i wonder whether kang will compete in the 185 mma tourney, or whether he will go the abu dahbi route???

Nice, sound like Vernon, is the place to be!!!!!

Hell Yah!!!



Excellent news ! It was only a matter of, the time has come.




Loaf wants in!

Wow! That is STUPENDOUS news! Damn BC being so far away. Damn September being so far away. Damn my skill level being non-existant :)

Awesome stuff! The country continues to grow and grow!


Guys...please, save your money, your vacation days at work etc.

Make the trip out to BC...this is soooo going to be worth it. I can't wait...the best grapplers in the world, a stud-filled MMA card, a beautiful city to boot...c'mon guys...think about it.

This is awsome, wish I could be there.