Someone like Mcneil or Showdown Joe - please cal Miguel ASAP!


Great news


Do you have any idea how hard this was to keep a secret Mike?

Ha ha ha!



Kudos for Mike and his hard work!

Great work Mike!! Congrats on making this happen. Will we have the Canadian trials in Ontario!




Yes...just contemplating a venue. It'll be in early August, with the winners going to the N.A. Trials in September.

This event has been in the works for sometime now and is finally a reality. Mike has put alot of time into this and we are proud to be the host for something of this calibre. We will also be running a seperate grappling tournament open to everyone with cash prizes and I am just waiting for Eddie Bravo to confirm his schedule to hold a 2 day seminar at the new Evolution Academy.

Gary Armbrust is also making his return to MMA this summer and will be fighting a huge name TBA in the Shut Up and Fight event on the Saturday night event. Also taking on strong competition from the Evolution Academy will be Len Smith and Derek Tisdale.

Fight fans will have a sensory overload is Sept. with the ADCC Trials, Evolution Submission Wrestling Tournament, World Class seminar open to everyone and the biggest fight card ever to be held in Canada 2 nights of world class MMA fights.

Anyone interested in fighting MMA or needing info contact me at


Jason Darrah

This just keeps getting better and better....

This is easily some of the biggest news to ever hit the Canadian scene.

Huge props to Mike, Joe, Jason and Leslie for creating this icredible opportunity for all of us.

I've already got a block of hotel rooms booked for my crew.... If the rest of you are smart, you will do the same. I have a funny feeling that accomodations in Vernon are soon going to be quite difficult to come by for this September weekend.

This Mega Grappling/MMA weekend will be historic..... Definitely not to be missed.

Very good point on the hotel rooms Greg in Dec. before the big mess that happened there were no rooms available in Vernon and this is a much bigger event than before ( wow is that an understatement)

Ever since meeting you guys in Sherbrooke at UCC 4 and seeing Gary in action, I've always wondered when he'd make his break.

What weight is he fighting at? How is he doing? All the guy wanted was a slurpee and Sherbrooke didn't have any I don't think



He is doing great he got married recently and had surgery on his right hand and has been very busy with work. Now he is ready and focussed to fight. I will have him get a warm up fight and then he will most likely fight in Guam and then we are going to line up an opponent for him in Sept. to get him noticed by the UFC. He retired the best 205 lb. fighter in Canada and now will return at 185 and knock the living shit out of anyone put in front of him.

My bet is before Christmas he will be the guy in the spotlight and one of the most talked about fighters in Canada.

Gary Armburst is an awesome fighter and an incredibly nice guy.....

Glad to hear you've got him back in the game ojja.

I know of three American's who would love to be in Vernon. :)

well let's hear it

I live in Montreal, but I manage Steve Berger (170), Mike Rogers (205) and Santino Defranco (155). I'm gonna try my best to get myself out to Vernon, but it would be icing on the cake to see my guys fight too.

Santino might try for the ADCC National's though.

send me their bio's



So...does this mean anyone can compete? Is this by invitation or what?