ADCC N.American Winner fights NHB!

North American ADCC qualifier for the 193.5 class, Marcos Avellan will be fighing his second MMA fight Feb 4th in Atlanta, GA at "The Fight Party". If you are in GA you should deffinately make it out to see Marcos, he is an amazing grappler and fighter!

Also representing FFA we will have BJJ black belt Efrain Ruiz fighting along with John Mangual.

Freakin awesome. TTT for FFA

I was hoping you were going to say he was fighting in the AFC. Good luck Marcos.

cool. best of luck marcos.

Congrats!!! I thought Marcos fought at a lighter weight than 193.5? Sure you don't mean David?

Good to hear. What weight will be at? Does he know his opponent yet?

go marcos and co!!

Marcos is walking around in the low 190's lately. This fight will be at 185 and he won the ADCC qualifiers at 193.5. David in order to get an invite to ADCC in a different class than his brother has also put on weight and is walking around 217.

Marcos used to walk around in the 170's and has since put on about 20 pounds over the last year.

ttt for marcos,efrain and john.

Best of luck Marcos!

wow what a fat ass

carlao: shouldnt you be finding me an opponent? :)

Carlao, what's the AFC card so far?

good luck!



Ahhhhh, I'm working on it. Call me tomorrow I think I got it down. You vs. Kimbo which I confirmed tonight will be at AFC 11

Thanks a lot guys, I appreciate the support, I hope to do really well! Thanks and I'll keep you guys updated on how I do.


BTW, thanks for the thread Charles

marcos: AIM!!!