ADCC pro Results???

Ok just got word that Hodge won his division.

Any other results from the day?

Comments in general about the comp itself, deep talent pool or not?

Help me out stuck at home studying and couldnt get there!

from my post on infinite

the event was a great day, some very good displays of jiu jitsu all around

u73kg blue - shane suzuki won, think he also competed in the non trials as well.
over 73kg - kit dale won over martin “mario bros” papadopolous, those debeen guys are good

u65kg - hadi won with a super tight triangle. best moment was when hadi stood up and got the death wobbles on his leg as it was numb from squeezing so long
u74kg - dave hart was too good in a very poorly contested division.
u83kg - rodney over lacjlan. the match i was waiting for was rodney vs angus and rodney really thumped angus badly. too much experience right now
u92kg - JUDO WINS!!! awesome performance by chewy as he had a great game plan and didn’t allow anthony to set up anything. anthony’s first match vs steffan was very close as well as he just managed to squeeze out a win
over92kg - big mick won BUT i’m sorry, the referee FUCKED UP by not giving the turtle sweep at the end. EVERYONE in the crowd, except the debeen guys gave that match to graham as he clearly executed the sweep. i honestly can’t see how you couldn’t score it as a sweep. he was in the turtle position and clearly rolled to get on top.

oh also, was a big shock to see maryanne losing. just left it too late.

was a good day except the over92kg final.

and yes i train with graham but even other brazos from other gyms were saying he got FUCKED

I won the womens over 63kg

hey renee, that was a great match, how deep were those triangles. that was a huge win im guessing as most people picked maryanne to take that division. u did very well.
i thought that maryanne left her run way too late, and there wasnt any urgency in her game with about 2 mins to go.
when it clicked down past 1min, i knew she needed a sub to win.

hey oscar, u should head over to, they have a much more active aussie section for all ur mma news and grappling

Congratulations to Jen Torrance from Dominance in Melbourne, took out the Womens U63kg division.

Great day!

I thought it was quite well run.

Competitors had 5-10 min notice to warm up before their fights which is much better that alot of comps where you have to continuously try to stay warm until your name is called.

I also thought it was good with the announcer and the way they introduced the finals.

Congratulations to Jen and Dave!

hahaha Judo wins. Chewy is a fantastic judoka but he was and is a BJjer first!

Was a fantastic day, well organised by Alex Prates and some very exciting fights.

p.s do they score turtle sweeps as sweeps?

If you are in half guard and let go to bridge and u reverse the person u dont get points, same as if you have the back and u get someone off it by tripoding up. I am not saying u dont but i am not sure how it is scored. It makes sense that it would score like a takedown as you are both on your knees.

Im not sure i understand your post entirely Liam but i thought takedowns initiated from the kneeling position were not scored as takedowns.

You have to initiate a takedown from standing position However if you sweep from turtle.....i would have thought you would be awarded the points.

I will check out infinite a bit more.

I guess my reason for posting on here is that im trying to contribute to the longevity of the forum.....its been a great source of info and entertainment in the past and it seems to be dying a slow death.

Nice Job Dave!

With respect to the turtle sweep referred to above, can someone clarify who was where and what happened? If Graham was turtled and Mick was at his side (on top) and Graham rolls and ends up on top this is not a sweep. In order to sweep an opponent the guard must be utilized. A similar scenario would be bridging an opponent from the mount or side control and ending up on top. Turn overs yes but not sweeps.

I wasn't there but would be interested to hear what happened.
My 2 cents anyway


Without seeing it... but turtle guard sweeps a la Telles are not genuine sweeps iirc?

Technically (in IBJJF terms at least) a sweep can only be executed from a full guard or half guard position - whether someone sweeping from inverted guard (odd) or inverted halfguard (which some turtle guard positions are akin to) for point scoring purposes, i don't know. one for an ibjjf clinic perhaps?

Dave Jacobs or someone on the atama forum might know?

Well done to Chewy.

Yeah. I believe the debate circles more around whether the turtle position is a guard or not.

Some people use it defensively, while others attack and sweep and submit from there like it was a guard.

Probably needs to be made clear because i would hate to be the ref in that position.

The 2 points were awarded for the same sweep between the same 2 people at last years adcc pro gi, but not this year. Maybe the rules have been changed or a different interpretation by different refs. Who the hell plays turtle guard anyway pffftt... haha

in fact the rules regarding the turtle position in its use as a guard have changed according to a few black belts who reffed on the day.

still very confusing on the actual interpretation.

From memory that Graham Waerea fellow initiates the sweep from an inverted half guard, so I would have expected points to be awarded.

no he doesn't. the sweep comes from turtle position

Hmm I thought he started it from turtle, but with one leg inside the opponents guard.
Is that vid still on youtube from when the two of them rolled earlier this year?

This is the won I had put up on Youtube from earlier this year