ADCC qualifiers?

I know the next ADCC is on in 2005 but is there going to be any ADCC qualifiers on this year? If so when?


Xtreme have some things organised on that front, check out the OzGrapple calendar.

thanks, can i please have a link?

I tried the link from this site when you enter the australasian forum but it didnt work.

Cause it is a free server it sometimes gets overloaded... try it a few times etc. (Generally) If you are using IE, when you drag your pointer over the link, you'll see the web address in the bottom left-hand of the screen.

Still no luck yet,

I heard that there is going to be a qualifier for the qualifiers in March. Can anyone confirm this?

Weird... I just clicked onto it no-probs.

Anyway, this is what I received from JD re the comp(s):

Sunday 29th Feb

ADCC Submission Grappling Competition (VIC) Venue: Whitehorse Aquatic and Leisure Centre, Box Hill, Melbourne, VIC

Detail: This will be a seeding tournament for the end of the year trials for the next Abu Dhabi competition. ADCC judges will be flying out for the event and conducting a judges seminar on Saturday 28th for those interested. Some of those who attend will have the chance to judge at the ADCC World Championships.

Contact: John Donehue @

Entry forms rules etc will be posted on the website closer to the event date.

Sunday March 14th

11:00a Official South Pacific ADCC Ranking Tournament (VIC) Venue: White Horse Aquatic Centre, Surrey Drive, Box Hill, Melbourne

Weigh In will take Place at 11am and competition begins at 12noon. This competition will be used to rank competitors in their weight classes. People ranked number one and two will start at different ends of the pool in the qualifiers if they compete.
Also the ADCC uses these types of competitions in regards to picking their wild card entries.

Contact: John Donehue on 03 9568 4999 or 0411 419 984 or Larry Papadopoulos on 02 9283 6421 or 0412 393 414.

if you dont enter the seeding comp, are you not able to compete in the next one?

Dont know... I'd suggest give JD a call.

MArch 14 is the correct date.

Dang isn't that the weekend Royce is in Sydney?

Also Master Chai is doing a seminar that weekend I believe.

And to boot, a Kickboxing show in Wollongong!