Adcc schedule

Mat 2: pale stephen kesting lookalike working for a kimura against black guy

Mat 3: Gabriel something wins via RNC

Announcer has a thick Chinese accent.

Buchecha about to be up on mat 3.

Damn these times Phone Post 3.0

Missed action on mat 1 but 10th planet rashguard guy lost.

More results please! Phone Post 3.0

Cyborg wins via something from the back.

Buchecha wins but I don't know how because I'm typing this out to you bastards.

In for updates.

Where is ADCC in 2015? China was a terrible idea IMO. Phone Post 3.0

Cyborg won by armbar in like 15 seconds

I think I can make out Dean Lister's cro-magnon head on mat 3.

Buchecha won by toe hold. Phone Post

Lister gets an immediate heel hook.

which mat stream are people on? which one to buy?

Of the 6 people currently grappling, I only recognize the slim-and-trim Orlando Sanchez.

I wish there was a free stream for this. Because I'm cheap. Broke and they want me to pay for three mats rather than just one fee for all three. :) I support the sport a lot. I'm broke for this one though. lol

Vu for chickenscratch! Phone Post

Marius Pudzianowski lookalike just tapped somebody with a guillotine.

Mat 1 is actually being broadcast on stream 2, FYI.

They just announced James Puopolo on mat 1.

Puopolo almost gets a darce. Working for it again.

Assis up.

did u guys buy all 3 mats? what mat is superfight?

Puopolo tapped to some kind of leg lock. Heel hook, I think.

Assis still trying to pass dude's half guard.

Yes, I wound up just buying all 3.

The stream is grainy enough that I can't make out faces too well, but I'm still managing to see action on all three when I'm not missing it typing up stuff on here.