ADCC seeding trials results

I dont have all the results but ill share what i know.

There wasnt too many competitors in the higher weight classes, the most stacked division was the under 77kg division.

Chris Derkson took out the u66kg division. Chris had been training hard for this coming all the way from Geelong to train wrestling with ziggy at the hangar on wednesdays. Well deserved victory.

George Sotiropolous took out the u77kg division, winning the final against Murray from Dominance jiu jitsu. Murray did very well though and didnt go down without a fight. George won with a read naked choke.

Chris Brown was competing at a higher weight than normal (hes usually u77kg right?). im not sure what weight he was competing at but he won his division.

Not sure of the name of the heavyweight winner.

George Sotiropolous also won the open weight division defeating Larry Papadopolous (sp?) in a long fought out final. Larry unfortunately had a nose injury and the fight had to be stopped a few times until George won with a rear naked choke.

I had a long first fight with a few failed submission attempts, my opponent took my back at one stage but i managed to escape. Eventually i managed to get a kneebar.

My next fight was against George so i couldnt help but laugh at how much i was going to get destroyed. I lost by kimura.

Overall it was a great day, not as many turned up as i expected but the competition was still at a very high level.

Heavyweight winner was none other than Extreme's infamous Brendon Merritt

Good Comp. The day ran smoothly and there were no controversial decisions as all the refereeing was overseen by Lubo and Coach Donehue.
The atmosphere was good and all the competitors were friendly and respectful of each other.
I dont think Larry was submitted by George in the final of the absolute-he couldn't continue because he was pretty much suffocating on his own blood due to his broken nose.
Thanks to all the schools that stepped up to compete on the day,all the Extreme guys appreciated the competition and interaction with the other clubs.
Special thanks to Lubo,the official ADCC rep for the comp.Lubo pointed out to me that I'd be a good grappler except for two things-my arms. Thanks Lubo.

Paul Dallow.

Great stuff. Glad to hear it went off so well.


I have to say that this competiton was small but very well run with very clearly defined proceedures, very professional.

I was very proud of all the Will/Machado guys, especially those from Dominance (of course). Everybody (regardless of club) on the day was respectful and showed excellent sportsmanship and conduct, not to mention some great technique.

It was good to be there.


I think the match of the day was Chris Derkson vs the asian guy who did that wicked flying armbar! That was amazing, and it was also amazing that Chris got out of it - I'm sure he'll have a sore arm for a while.

Oh, and for god's sake, please give Larry a higher belt! It's getting ridiculous him being a purple, he's too damn good.

That was unbelievable that Chris got out of that.... It was painful to watch...

Another little highlight, that extreme guy going for a flying arm-bar on Larry... Unfortunetely missed everything and landed head first on the ground. He was ok though, no harm done... plenty of laughs.

I agree, when is Larry getting his black belt?????????

Thanks Daniel, i think i need to focus on scoring points a bit more before i go for submissions. As far as i know i didnt score any points in my fight and i was drained from the sub attempts. If i didnt get that kneebar i probably wouldve lost.

Keep going for the subs Lach.

Doesn't Larry have to get a brown before he gets a black??? Either way he seems to have been around forever, should have made the trip down as i would have loved to watch Larry grapple.

Agreed, when is Larry gonna get his black belt, i bet he could tap many BB's.

Larry got two black eyes for his efforts on sunday,that is enough for now.

How can he possibly deserve a black belt when he got KOed by a 70kg white belt?

Some fat carnt wont the 99kg+ division (sometimes refered to as the extra super bloater fat division)...

yeh lach you kneebarred me with about 15 seconds to go, and i was 6 points up. Oh well it was my first comp i'll be around for the next one though.

What White belt Ko'd Larry?

15 seconds left? no wonder i was so tired.

Great effort for your first comp. Ill cya at the end of year trials.

Brendon Merritt - walking the talk. Nice one.

Sounds like George and Larry put in 110% as always.

Congrats to all.

hate to think how much power brendon can get out of his knee rides

Keats-There is no point revealing the name of the rogue white belt as he has already entered the witness protection programme.

This poor young fellow has just become the third name on Larry's "Hit List 2004".

Poor Bastard.