ADCC stream is beguinning

they have open the stream.

josh Barnet is walking around the mat

allo allo allo allo...

did not know they will be commentator

yes we are hearing you!!!! lol

beguiling IMO

they are eating donuts

This thread is comedy gold with just Jujubre on it lol

who else is watching?

is that the Mario song in the background?

it sound like it is

who is this fat dudes in yellow?

Too expensive for me.

how clear is the picture? is it worth getting

I think you should get it only if you are a big fan of grappling...and I am one!!! I have all the grappler quest and ADCC dvd at home..but I know some of my MMA friends find it boring

"how clear is the picture? is it worth getting "

it is buffering from time to time but quite ok in general..better than some shietty thing I have downloaded and it is only 20 dollar for 2 days broadcast.

i think i'd rather have it saved somehow so i could watch it over time rather than sit in front of my computer for 2 days... is that some sort of option?

Mine isn't coming through :(

picture looks good. really glad i can watch this event live.

What time do the matches start?

Is there somewhere where I can look at the official brackets?