ADCC tickets and seating!!!!!!!


'The ADCC wanted to have tickets on sale in December, but we still have a few last minute logistical pieces that are falling in place' states the spokesman.

Throughout the month of January, the ADCC will be taking a MAIL ORDER for tickets. This will be a way to purchase tickets in advance of general sales - it is a way to make the best seats available to fans early, and it will be the first chance at getting tickets for this event. The arena seats 4200, so there really is not a bad seat in the house. General sales at and such are scheduled to begin in March.

More details on this ticket purchase to come in the next few days!

The Pyramid - Long Beach, CA
TICKET COSTS (All Prices are for 2 DAY PASSES):
Sections 103/111: 1st five rows vip @ $200
Sections 103/111: rest of section $150
Sections 102/104/110/112): $125
Sections 101/105 rows c-l: $100
Sections 107/115: $75
Sections 101/105 rows m-u/106/108: $50

MAT ONE / MAT TWO (side by side on the court)



6th Submission Wrestling World Championships
The Pyramid - Long Beach, CA
Saturday and Sunday, May 28th and 29th, 2005

hmmm. gotta talk to Kipp and see if he wants to make the trip with me. I'm sure's hes going. just gotta plan some time off work for me.

Kirik. you gonna go with us?

Cool. It's starting to get closer. I'm excited.

Miguel, I'm still good to go on everything. Give me a yell as we get closer to the event or if you have any questions.


I'll be there- the ticket prices arent that bad either.

A quote: "I'll be there- the ticket prices arent that bad either"

Thanks - I hoped this was the case. Keep in mind, the top tickets are right at courtside, and $50 is a reasonable cheap ticket.

This is 2 days, and should be about 20 hours of total grappling this gives you access to.


i think it is a lot of money for a grappling event.

In france even for the world championship of Judo we do not have a so high level of tarification...but perhaps it is different in the states.

anyway i hope all goes well

Exactly- the prices are for a full 2 days- that is awesome!

hey miguel or carlao.

can you shoot me an e-mail.

kipp, kirik, and I will probably be attending and we'd be interested in finding out the cost to have a vendor booth at the event



Can someone tell me if I buy a ticket, is it for two days? And will the ARRONA VS LISTER fight be one of those two days?


@ day passes it says - that is the price for both days, and yes, the SUPERFIGHT is included in those ticket prices.


I have sent you the resume for a gal from australia and you never replied, did you get it?

the rev

miguel. have seen you add to this thread twice, but no e-mail?