ADCC top ten 205= retarded!!!

185.1 - 205 lbs.
#1 Wanderlei Silva (Chute Boxe, Brazil)

#2 Randy Couture (Team Quest, USA)

#3 Vitor Belfort (Brazil)

#4 Dan Henderson (USA)

#5 Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson (USA)

#6 Chuck Liddell (USA)

#7 Antonio Rogerio Nogueira (Brazilian TOP TEAM, Brazil)

#8 Renato 'Babalu' (Brazil)

#9 Ricardo Arona (Brazilian TOP TEAM, Brazil)

#10 Tito Ortiz (USA)

You got to be kidding. Tito #10!!!! Dan Henderson isn't even really a 205'er. Arona above Tito? what the fuck has Arona done to be ranked above Tito? or little Nog? Granted Babalu is bad ass, but above Tito? Shit Vitor shouldn't even be above Tito.

I agree, but he's technically not 205.

tito got pimped 2 times in a row

And so did Liddell before beating Tito, but he stayed in the top 10.

doesn't make him #1o

No one will ever make a top ten list that everyone will agree on.

all you guys are all tripping if you think Arona should be ranked above tito.

ADCC isn't MMA.

Ok I revised my list

#1. Vanderlei

#2. Randy Courture

#3. Rampage

#4. Chuck Liddel

#5. Tito

#6. Vitor

#7. Yuki Kondo

#8. Babalu

#9. Rich Franklin

#10. Little Nog

Why is Horn a 205 lbs fighter now and not Henderson or Bustamante?

(they are all 185lbs fighters to me)

Switch Tito and Henderson and its not a bad list.

Did Horn drop to 185?? ok.

Henderson IMO is not 205, but definitely #1 at 185.

I would definitely rank Arona and Vitor above Tito. Both of them would also beat Tito.

yeah, he even beat David Loisseau (sp?) at UCC/TKO by submission recently at 185...(speaking of Horn here).

Top 4 at 185 (in no order) are Sakuraba (can still give Lil Nog a run for his money and beat Randleman), Bustamante, Henderson, and Horn.

Would be a sweet round-robin tournament (although Henderson already beat Busta admitedly).

"I would definitely rank Arona and Vitor above Tito. Both of them would also beat Tito"


Why is Rich Franklin up at #9 when Lyoto Machida isn't even on the list?

I would put Ninja Rua in that list over Rich Franklin.

Arona deserves to be in the top 10 regardless of inactivity.

In Case anyone has forgotten, Arona has beaten Tito in ADCC before and when comparing Arona and Tito's styles, strengths, and weaknesses in an MMA context, I think the match would unfold in much the same way that it did in ADCC and another win for Arona.

this thread must be full of BJJ guys.

here is my list.

Champ: Vitor Belfort

1. Randy Couture

2. Vanderlei Silva

3. Quinton Jackson

4. Chuck Liddell

5. Tito Ortiz

6. Ricardo Arona

7. Dan Henderson

8. Renato Babalu

9. Yuki Kondo

10. Sanae Kikuta