ADCC Trials Report, Video and pics

For everyone who wasn't able to make it and missed one of the best
grappling tournaments in North America:

Match descriptions

Photo Gallery

Highlight Video.

Enjoy! the new dsign on the website



hey attacko619'O'

Thanks for the report

Gumby - Thanks for being there, man.


nice work gumber

whutup jimah


OTM kicks ass!

good stuff!

good stuff!


gumby, if you were here right now i would kiss you right on that beautiful mouth of yours. always bringing the best stuff.

whoa - So Good For So Long



I just clicked on the "OnTheMat" link in the first post and tried to find the ADCC coverage referred to in the headline.

Nothing Nada. Zip!!!

Only current event I found on the page the link took me to was the Budweiser Cup with Mike Fowler.

Where on the site is the ADCC story and pix?? I'ved been waiting for it for a while.


mic this thread is over 3 months old