Add Quinton/Hendo & Josh/Cop 2

to Prides next show.............

NOW we're talkin!!!!!!!

Mino/Fedor 3



Josh/Cop 2


And throw in a Silva/Arona!!!!

Assuming Quinton finds his nose by then...


I can't wait for Barnett to tool Mirko - I just don't think he's complete enough yet to beat Josh.

damn solid card.....

Rampage would fuck Dan up BAD.

Haha nice try- Dan will beat him

I know that most diehard MMA fans are NOT very excited at all about Rulon fighting, but I promise you........this is H-U-G-E!!!!!!!!

Just wait and watch all of the exposure MMA will get (in US)

kying 418, how will Dan beat him??

Low Down- watch and see my friend.

dan and qj r friends

Henderson derserves Silva way more than Arona. Silva vs Crocop is what I want to see, and Hnedo vs Jackson will be fucking awesome.