is great to study with, but it might as well be coke considering my heart is pounding, its 2:42AM and I need to be up by 6:40AM to take a final exam.

First time I did it today and it is great for focus. I had the 30mg extended release kind so I opened the tablet up and just railed the shit inside to get a quicker effect.

Anyway I would smoke a bowl to come down but then I would probably pass out till 10 and all that cracked out work would be for nothing.


I might as well stay up at this point, heart is not slowing down and i dont have enough time left to get any valuable rest anyway.

I swallowed one of the xrs around 6 PM and railed most of another (with a bump for a friend) at about 9PM. What time can I expect to crash at this rate? I have alot of shit I need to do tomorrow.

Guzzle a fifth of vodka, you'll be asleep in no time. Don't they teach you that in college?

lol. I have to be productive in two and a half hours.

Just do more and stay awake until your exam is done.

I have three exams tomorrow. Thank god I dont have to work though, I think I should be ok. Ill split the pill again and save a bump for each one.

And then crash HARD around 7PM tonight.

Mad Dog, i've stayed up for 30 hours gaming on adderall in the past...

you need to snort some more of it to keep you going

trip post


how functional will I be though? I mean Ive stayed for a couple different weekend binges on coke but I was all fucked up by the end of it, and I definately didnt have anything I really needed to get done looming.

And for future reference, I would assume the XR is not as desirable as the instant release tabs for things like this?

Mad Dog, adderall tweaking is not like cocaine..You will be functional much longer.

If your only worry is staying up all night to take a test? I don't see any reason why you wouldn't be able to. Just try to do some not more than every hour or couple of hours.

I would do the XR for my marathons. I would open the pills and pour all those little balls into a mortar and pestle, and just crush them into a powder..then i would dip my pinky in every couple hours and just put the powder on my tongue/ swallow it.

when i abused it in the past i would just crush the 30mg instant releases and rail them.

The tiny men dancing around with the letters on your exam will help you.

they are a bitch to crush too, took fuckin forever to get the little bastards to cooperate.

Thanks Afterbirth, just wanted to check. My only experiences with uppers really is yak. Im more of a weed & shroom kinda guy most of the time.

Mad Dog, in all fairness, i would stay up one night playing video games or doing some other shit and take a normal test, one you aren't scared about failing.

If you succeed, and are able to function, then you know you will be safe staying up all night studying for one.

But seriously, about 8-10 hours high on adderall is NOT gonna geek you out...It has never geeked me out..It takes a couple of days.

that shit is not a toy.

nope, it's a tool. amphetamine is very useful.

One down, and damn I totally see why people use this for exams. Its almost unfair. I was really confident in my descision making on this one.

Two to go today.

Coke is a completely different type of drug than amphetamine. The only similarity is they both keep you awake.

ie coke is for fun, amphetamine is good for getting stuff done when you're out of go.

Yeah I know all about coke, this is my first time going on adderall.