Long story short, I was given a few by a friend because ive been having a very hard time concentrating and getting motivated lately (5yrs or so).

Needless to say, today was one of the most productive days ive ever had and i even got my fatass back in the gym after 2yrs!!

I need this shit. It is apparently just what is needed.

What now to get some? Go online and find it somewhere? I really don't want to go see a Psychiatrist because i literally just started seeing a Psychologist who can't prescribe shit.


sickdarce - It's very addictive and your asking for trouble. Phone Post 3.0

This x 1000. OP.. good luck friend.

Very addictive. I take it whenever finals roll around but then jump off it immediately after because i know a few people who have gone to rehab because of it.

Tread lightly. Phone Post 3.0

Chick i used to work with used to take this stuff religiously.

When she didn't take it workingwith her was boring but when she was on it we had a blast.

She have me a half a capsule once didn't do anything but lately ive felt unmotivated and uninterested.

How hard is it to get a scrip? Phone Post 3.0

Im already pretty focused and a bit high strung. If I take that shit I go straight Dale Gribble. Not pretty.

I had a script for it in college, only used it to cram for exams and years later I still have some left over from a single bottle.

What goes up must come down- after a few consecutive uses you will crash after coming down from it and feel like crap, some people have suicidal thoughts- I wouldnt recommend it if you're not a very positive person.

If you take it regularly, you will develop a tolerance and will need to take your former dose just to feel normal after awhile, that euphoric buzz and clean energy does not last.

Think of it as meth-lite, chemically and pharmacologically speaking that's what it is. (a non-methylated amphetamine salt mix)

Just get some DS craze pre workout haha Phone Post

"I Took Speed and I feel GREEEEEAAAAAT! I should use this shit every day! I knew I had ADD!"

Spinelock - Lol
"I Took Speed and I feel GREEEEEAAAAAT! I should use this shit every day! I knew I had ADD!"

LOL Phone Post 3.0

OP stick with the gym and try not to take Adderall religiously. It's pure-fucking amphetamine.

Can't lie though, I'm a fan. Phone Post 3.0

If you feel all the crazy side effects you probably do not need it. My wife is prescribed to it and it just makes her able to stay on task. No side effects as far as appetite, sleep, euphoria or excess energy. Me on the other hand, I take one and feel like I accomplish a weeks worth of Shit in a day, but don't really eat or sleep well. Phone Post 3.0

Im a fan, been on vyvanse for about a year now, it lasts waay longer. I can imagine abusing it but dont think i would. My script dropped for a month, when i started back up i didnt bother reaclimating to it....3 days of.....intense. Phone Post 3.0

Just popped one right now since I'm studying for a final on Wednesday. Cleared through several chapters of notes in less than an hour.

I also remembered to eat before I took it as I will probably not be hungry again till about midnight. Phone Post 3.0

That shit does nothing to me.

I've done 60 mg before and I still feel as lazy, unfocused, and unproductive as ever.

Usually just makes me look at wikipedia or some twitter bullshit.

Very addictive even to people that do not normally abuse drugs. People are obsessed with energy and productivity in a country full of obese procrastinators. I can take some and kill it all day, while having a shrunken wiener, can't hold piss in, upset stomach and knowing I won't sleep that night. I question if its worth it but still always buy some when the opportunity comes up. Don't get started. Phone Post 3.0

Thatsjustlikeyouropionman - Heh, that's funny because I just started these about a week ago. Ill admit I use em to get high though. Take two and smoke a few bongs, heaven.

The first time I played gta for 9 hours straight and wasn't even tired of it. I focused that well. I took some tonight and am banging out title modes on ufc 3.

Some shitty side effects I've noticed is, hard to jerk off, constipation problems, makes my balls hang really low, it's weird. After I write it out it sounds like a shitty drug but it does it job.

Also, I cannot believe they give these to kids and expect them not to abuse them. Phone Post 3.0

"Doc, I need this stuff to play Xbox!"

Ok here is my experience...

I struggled pretty bad in high school, never thought about going to college.  I never considered myself a brainiac.  Once I was married with kids, I wanted more out of my life than just some crappy low pay job.  I always felt that I had ADHD, but didn't see a psych doctor till I was around 29.  Doctor prescribed my Adderall and I immediately loved it.  Everything in my head started to click.  It was like time slowed down and I was able to figure everything out.  I decided to go to college and ended up doing extremely well, getting an A in every single class I took, even hard classes like Anatomy.  I got into the honor society and everything.

 However, the side effects o the drug started to bug me. I had a much lower sex drive, had a lot of tension in my neck and sholders, and sometimes felt grumpy.  I started to feel like I didn't need the drug, so I stopped it. Slowly but surely I started to struggle in school and my grades dropped.  After struggling in school I just quite school and started working again.  Now I don't feel so good about my life right now, except for my great wife and kids.  I kinda feel like I'm dumb now.  I'm not sure if the medication made me feel this way or if I have always felt this way, but the medication made me feel smarter.  The past couple weeks I have been contemplating starting Adderall again, because I'm only 2 classes away from being able to apply to the RN program at school.

FRAT:  took adderall and felt great and accomplished a lot, stopped adderall and feel dumber than ever, thinking of starting up again, but not sure if the drug actually hurt more than it helped.

I've never felt more focused or productive at work or at home then when I scored a weeks worth from a coworker. I need that shit again. Phone Post 3.0

Doc won't give me any Phone Post 3.0

Have to learn something but don't want to? That's what adderal's for... That and geeking out on video games. Phone Post 3.0