Jimmy Rustler - vyvanse will cost u like 200$ for months supply tho

have fun! Phone Post 3.0
I pay $20/ is a beautiful thing. Phone Post 3.0

Mountain Biker - Yep I need them bad. Like I would legitimately benefit from it.

Can you get them online from Mexico or something? What's the easiest way to go from no Adderall to having Adderall Phone Post 3.0
"doctor i just cant stay focused on anything for more than 10 minutes. and im struggling because it at work. i cant focus."

then he will give u a script for vyvanse.

he might give u one for ritalin first. take it. tell him it isnt working after like 2 weeks. u can say ur friend gave u his adhd medication when u forgot ur meds and it worked wonderfully that day.
then give him a paper that says vyvanse and say ur friend wrote the name of his medication down as if u dunno what it is Phone Post 3.0

I use to take adderal to write papers in college. One time I took one and started playing snood while waiting for it to kick in. A few hours later they kicked me out of the computer lab because it was closing and I had all the high scores. Phone Post 3.0

Have a look at provigil/modafinil I think this is a better drug for study And information retention . Phone Post 3.0

I ordered some alpha brain and going to start off there. Forgot about that and friend has a script for addy and says it helps her out Phone Post 3.0

I was on Adderall for a couple of weeks. When I was on it I felt awesome. The come down was ROUGH. The come down got worse and worse until I called a suicide hotline to stop me from sitting in my car while it ran in my garage. I stopped immediately after that. Phone Post 3.0

A doctor once explained to me when I was worried about taking painkillers, that if you have an ailment, the medication will do its job and you will suffer few if any side effects. If you do not have the ailment, or are misndiagnosed, or are taking an incorrect dosage, that is when you will suffer more side effects.

For people who that say adderral made them feel like a zombie, or that they felt "a come down" when it wore off, I would say at least some of that those people who felt side effects were taking adderal while not having the ADHD spectrum disorder. I think such comments scare away people who feel something is wrong, but don't want to be a zombie, or feel cocaine-like withdrawls.

A book was mentioned on a thread a year ago: "Driven From Distraction". I found it on youtube. The book contains many case studies of individuals and their struggles with ADHD. If you listen to/read some chapters and don't feel like that book is talking about you, then you likely don't have ADHD. If you do feel like the book is talking about you then you may have ADHD and medications such as adderral may be able to help (behavioral therapy in addition to medication helps more but such programs are hard to find) under the supervision of your doctor.

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