Addicted to Epic Mounts?

anyone else can't stop buying epic mounts? I just bought my 3rd epic mount last night. they are just so easy to get now that i want to collect the whole set!

right on. bought the black war horse last night. my favorite is still the Strompike Battle Charger. My gnome looks like speck of dust riding atop this huge ram.

yeah you have to have your epic riding skill. but that is the same for all mounts so you only pat it once. After that the epic war mounts cost marks of honor, not gold.

i already had the black war wolf and a normal epic horse, but i got the raptor after they made them so easy to get. i have enough tokens i could get the black kodo and skeletal horse as well but i wont cause i think they look stupid enough id rather let the tokens rot in my mailbox

Arent these like 90 marks a piece? (30 per BG?)