adding in squats and deads

Hello all,
I'd like to finally bite the bullet and add in squats and deadlifts to my normal workout. I have been avoiding it because I don't have anyone around to show me how to do it properly (and I guess I'm a little concerned about hurting my back). I'm planning on just following the advice from and using a light weight for a while, until I get a feel for the lift. I also thought it would be a good idea to ask around here to get good advice for someone just starting off with these lifts (because I know how everyone here loves these lifts). I'm also still doing a full body routine 3X a week, would this be an appropriate time to set up a split routine? Also, is there a good online resource for pros and cons of different routine splits (because I've heard different things) I am trying to add general strength and mass right now. Thanks in advance for any advice, I appreciate it!

There are many online sources for arguments over best splits. The things to think about are: your goals, what other training you do, recovery ability, intensity of your workouts, work/school commitments, ect. No one can give you the right answer for you, there are too many variables. If you track every weight, rep and set you perform you should be able to tell if you are improving or not. Also pay attention to aches and pains. If you begin to develop them, you are beginning to overtrain. Remember also, squats and DLs will stress your wholebody far beyond curls and bench presses. You will need time for your whole system to recover between workouts, not just individual muscles. For good form go to I absolutely recommend box squatting to learn proper squat technique. Light wieght and volume until you learn good form. If you can, a video yourself performing the lifts to critique your form or perform them in front of a mirror. Train as you fight. D-Rex