Adding power to the roundkick

My instructor was having a look at my roundkick during class and he mentioned that my leg (knee) had a tendency to give a little too much when it hits the pads.

My question to the forum is this,
What do you guys do to make sure that your leg is fairly straight(knee doesn't bend too much) at impact?

Also when your leg makes contact with the pads, do both pads get hit flushed at the same time or is it that the pad that is the closest to you gets hit a split second before the second pad?

thanks everyone

Upon impact I have the shin hit the Thai pads at the same time, also I have a bend in my kicking leg on impact and the kicking legs knee is tence.


You should not be tensing your kicking leg at all.

Your leg should be realxed--let the hip do the work and swing your leg like a baseball bat.


Exactly what do you mean when your instructor says you have too much give when your leg hits the target? I'm understanding it as your leg is bouncing off the targets instead of making a solid impact.

I understand two ways the knee should be. One, that the kicking leg should be timed in such a way that the knee is loose and whipping into the target. I'ts bounce back is what gives it the smack your looking for.

Another school says to keep the knee tence throughout the delivery. If it's going to be a long kick, lock the leg out straight, if a shorter kick lock the knee at more of an angle.

The way you angle your hip is how verticle your kick will be but I think the torso and shoulders and arm motions and spring from the floor generates the power, not the hips so much. Your supporting leg pivots, promoting a turn of the hip. The torso and shoulders should work together. Sort of like the shoulders move then the torso then the hip then the quad then the shin. Thats how they work but they should work together looking as if they are all moving at the same time. Like a door closing. Hard to write easy to see.


Thanks for some of the answers...

Iceberg Slim, I know what you mean. My leg is relaxed I whip the hip through, making sure that the body moves as one unit.

I make sure that I step off, swivel on the supporting foot, relaxing my leg. What I meant by the tensing bit is that I seem to be able to kick harder if I 'tense' my knee (maybe that should be brace my knee) before impact.

MTS, my instructor means that at impact, after I have rolled my hip into the kick, my knee bends. This is kinda hard to explain. He used the analogy of a baseball bat with a hinge in the middle.

I have been experimenting with my kick (on impact) how much give I am allowing with my knee.I try to ensure that there is a slight bend in the leg. Seems to be ok so far...