Adesanya fights not to lose

When his countering off the cage doesn’t work and he gets tagged for his troubles… he shells up mentally and resorts to circling for 3 mins, with an occasional restart on the cage to try and trap his opponent for a counter ala Pereira KO.

Sean was well prepared for his antics. Didn’t fall into his traps and stayed relaxed and worked behind his game plan.

When Adesanya gets pressured and can’t control the middle of the octagon he panics and turns defensive.


He tried to land some punches to the body and make him drop his hands probably? But couldnt land anything good to the body and that shoulder roll was something Izzy hasnt seen


Agreed. No dog in him, no killer instinct, and can’t seem to turn the weight of momentum, if it starts to go against him.


I mean, it’s pretty ballsy of him to be willing to take on Pereirra after losing to him 3 times.


Izzy fought like a faggot

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No doubt. He doesn’t duck anyone

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The thing with Izzy is his chin is suspect so he can’t take to many chances.

His chin is fine. Strickland landed precisely on his chin and he still recovered.


The one major problem he has always had is a lack of power, both in his hands and in his feet. With the exception of maybe Costa, he never, ever seems to get his opponents under control. That is why Alex got him in the first fight… yeah, Izzy hurt him in the first round but he just doesn’t do enough damage to keep them honest.

This leads to a situation where he can touch a guy all night long but never really deplete them. It also means that when he is being pushed back on his heels little power turns to zero power.

In the final round against Strickland, he was switching stances and loading up with the back hand, which was the only way for him to really generate power. Strickland saw this coming (he saw everything coming).

I think a lot of people thought that he was the 2nd coming of Anderson Silva, which he most definitely was not. He didn’t have Silva’s power or chin. He squeaked by Silva, who was ancient at the time.


Is that why his first 12 wins are all TKOs? Or why he KOd Whittaker, Brunson, Perreira? Yeah real pussy hands that guy has.

He doesn’t have a suspect chin. He also doesn’t have a great chin.

The chin isn’t the issue, it’s his lack of power to get his opponents under control. If they can work him out technically (which Strickland most certainly did) then he doesn’t have the physicality to get them under control.

When Muhammad Ali lost his legs in the 70s, he could plant his feet, go toe to toe and give and take big shots. That is how he stopped Frazier in 3rd fight - he actually outfought Frazier.

Hagler knew trying to outbox Hearns could potentially end in him losing his titles so he jumped on him and blasted away until Hearns was done.

Izzy can outpoint guys and outstrike guys technically but he can’t outfight guys.


Yeah but who did he fight in his first 12?

They gameplanned well for Rob the first time, but second time he couldn’t knock him out! Brunson was knocked out a couple of times just before the Izzy fight, so his chin was a bit suspect.

With Perrera the weight cut definitely impacted his chin.

At the highest level 70% of time he fights to a decision.


Ummm, what?