Adidas Judogi

Anybody had any experiance with Adidas Judogi? Quality? fit? and I have heard they shrink badly, anyone found that?

I own several adidas Champion gi's. In my 31 years of judo I have never owned a better gi. They're very comfortable and wear like iron. My entire adult team wears them. They are the gi of the National Teams of Cuba and France and a couple other European teams. IMO you can't go wrong with them.

Great gi. Very hot and heavy though.

Where to buy?

Actualy, I just found kodokangear and it's cheaper there.

I think the adidas champion Gi is great for stand up judo but way too heavy for newaza.

Would like to hear opinions on the best gi(hybrid) that best suits the world of both standup and ground.

In other words what would be the best all around gi?

Thanks for the replies! I think a champion it is.

mine is very heavy and extremely hard to grip..i think the inside tag says that it will last longer than nuclear waste, or something like that...

on the down side, it is cumbersome to wear, heavy when wet and rough, unlike softer mizuno type jackets...

as a side note, i got a fuji jiu jitsu gi years ago ( i don't think they make them anymore), classic bjj uniform with tight shoulders, narrow sleeves and a very wide knit at the back and i love it, more than anything else..however, it is not legal for judo competition and because the sleeves are so narrow, when someone grabs my arms for grips, the grab my flesh as well...


It is one pimpin' gi.

I could never wear one in shiai, though.

I might get disqual'ed because there's no way I'd wear an Adidas Gi without some major bling around my neck.

I have an adidas. I just removed teh stripes so that I won't look like a billboard.

One of my gis is an Adidas Elite. It's OK but  not a favorite. It is not as thick as the Champion but I still find the collar thick enough to chafe the neck and although it would probably be well suited for competition, I find it a bit too heavy for an everyday workout.

Wayland; I also had a Fuji gis bought from Frank Hatashita many years ago and it lasted for eons. It was really light and comfortable and seemed to actually mold to my body. It could absorb a lot of sweat and probably took in the equivalent of Lake Erie over the years. Believe it or not when it finally wore out, it was at the elbows. I think a little piece of me died when I finally had to discard it :)

Some of my judo left with that gi too !


SFAM Norris Exellence Olympique. It isnt so hot and heavy.

Yeah but those SFAM Norris are hard to find in the USA.