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Not been on the forum for awhile any news on your new E-Book. Thanks

hey pal, gettin' closer.

I recently expanded my business so i've been busy with that. The book is almost done, i'm just putting the finishing touches on it. I'm the type that will read and re-read it 100 times and even then i'm not 100% happy with it. I'm my own worst critic.

I have set up an automated system and affiliate program with clickbank; i'm going to offer 50% commissions on it. I think i've got something big here- but time will tell!

I'm pricing it at 39.95, half of that going to the affiliate, then when you take out the fees i'm probably making 15 per book, but I plan on moving well over 1,000 per week easy...

i'll keep you updated. Thanks for the interest!

The Adonis

Hey bro, first thing first I'm looking forward to the book, it should be good stuff. Out of curiosity what type of business are you doing now? Also I know that your familiarly with the rich jerk material, what do you think of his stuff (sorry if you been asked this question before). TTT

well, it has been rumored on here before that i'm the rich jerk, but i'm not. I have, however, seen some of the shit i've written on this site typed verbatim on his "pitch page". So I know he's on, it just remains a mystery which one he is. :)

Hey Adonis,

Just curious, how are you going about contacting and getting affiliates to know about your e-book so that they can market it?

Keep up the good work.




youtube viral vids...

I firmly believe in guerilla marketing tactics. i'm an expert at it. :)))

Any hints at the books title? shall see...

put me down for a copy

Only if you change the authors name to your own.


no. Each ebook is 128 bit encrypted, and has a "lifespan" of 100 opens per book. Each one is assigned an individual password and is controlled on a central database. In other words, if I find out you try to share it, I can suspend your account (*your book would no longer open) Furthermore, the software has security features, like no printing and no screen shots.

Not that someone can't steal it, but i'm copyrighting it and I will be insanely protective of it. AND I also am offering free consulting with the book, making it impossible for a thief to offer the same level of info I can give. In other words, i'm selling the basic good foundation, and the issues the customer has can be consulted with me for up to one year at no cost to them. This should reduce theft and ripoffs...

leave your email if you want more info.

"can we resell it?"

No, but you can become an affiliate if you want. 50% commission per sale

is this book intended for vets or can a total beginner start out from this?

I'd definitely be interested in getting started on this stuff, if you can provide me with some more information about your method/book, I'd appreciate it:


maybe I missed this... any tentative release date?

I'm plan on spending some more time in this are of the forum... I'm sick of working for the "man" and want to dedicate my time in to producing some type of alternate income.


Based on the input I have seen him share on the Money Ground over the last couple years, he clearly has a lot of useful information to share with others. I hope the book is a HUGE success. I see teaching (including writing books) as a great means of contributing to others. As I have gotten older, I tend to look up more to people who step away from the crowd on the contribution front vs. the self achievement front. Good luck with the book Adonis.

hey thanks, momentum!

The book is not really business related, if that give you any hints.

HOWEVER, i have a really cool business related e-book that i'm making an outline on right now.

i'm waiting on clickbank to approve my site so the book can go on sale. That should happen by october 18th or so...

we'll see what happens! nothing is for sure.

Hey bro, did you post your stuff on clickbank, because I found something on there, but I'm not sure if its your stuff. Email at and I'll let you what it is. Thanks

Looks interesting.

" In other words, i'm selling the basic good foundation, and the issues the customer has can be consulted with me for up to one year at no cost to them. This should reduce theft and ripoffs..."

Nice. But if your really sell 1000 copies a week how you can keep up with that? Even 1000 copies a year would be hard.

BTW what system do you use to protect your ebook with no-printing and 100 opens? Is there a software for that or it's your own creation?

ebook pro

hey guys

clickbank affiliates that have expressed interest in my product, please leave me your email and i'll fill you in.