ADRIAN PETERSON 2013 - The Quest For God Status!!!


Just sit back and enjoy the ride people. AP is about to repeat his 2000 yard season on route to breaking Dickerson's record which he came a cunt hair away from doing last season. It's gonna be special.

Peyton Manning has already enabled god mode, I hope AP does the same.

He would've broken the record last year if he wasn't coming back from ACL surgery. He got so close to breaking the record, and would've if his numbers at the beginning of the season were better. In his first six games he only had one game with 90 or more yards (102 yards versus Detroit). Compare that with the final 10 games of the season where he only had less than 100 yards once (86 yards versus Houston).

If he hadn't been coming back from ACL surgery, I think he would've broken the record last season. Can't wait to see what he does this year

78 yards for a TD on his first carry of the season, LOLOLOL!!! This thread is going anywhere for the next 4 months.

Adrian had a rough day today other than his one big run for a TD. 

"On a week-to-week basis, there will be no bigger threat for a 30-point day than Spiller. And no touch, be it rush or reception, will be a bigger threat to go to the house than one by Spiller."

Bleacher Report

I drafted him, he is 4 points currently....

Sadly I think I have a feeling Adrian Peterson will be like Barry Sanders an amazing back with an all time great career and always on teams that are not good.

That crappy quarterback is going to take alot of steam out of his potential because Ponder has almost a Tebow esque arm and was a waste of a pick. Forget 7 in the box, they can go ahead and line up goal line d against the vikes every time. Phone Post 3.0

He is udderly amazing....

jettdogg - I believe every Lions defensive lineman tackled him today. Ass whooped.

Just like we whooped Megatron's ass right? 37 yards. Phone Post

Detroit has a strong defense for allow them all to come up front and stack the box like they can against a team with Ponder at QB, and ya..........they can put some stops on the man. Still, three touchdowns is noteworthy. Hopefully he is able to break through the lines against these other teams because holes will be hard to come by this season. That's why he is so amazing..........he has rarely had a big passing game to offset his skills in the running game.

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Maybe next week.


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^ LOL! Hey, what was that thing about staying off my property? I want that clip posted dare you come into this glorious thread spewing such vile.

HA HA!! Perfect! That clip really does it for me, and let it serve as a warning to anyone else who wants to come wandering in here running off at the mouth with anything even remotely negative about The Purple Jesus or his team!

Horrible news about his son coming out today, a two year old beaten into a coma by the mother's boyfriend. I am thinking this is going to make Peterson, who is an angry runner to begin with, run with more anger than ever. I would not want to be standing in front of the man this weekend, as he has already declared he will be ready to play, and did so with a look that told me he was dead serious about getting out there and taking out some of his pain on the opposition. 

Horrible news. All the power to him!

Poleeko - Thought it came out that it wasn't his son? Phone Post 3.0

Oh no, it's his son alright.