Adrino Nasal in the Arnold's!

If you are in the know about BJJ in Brazil then you know this
name. If not let me help you out. Nasal is a Black Belt from
BTT and he has been kicking a lot of ass on the submission
sceene. But the best part is that he is righting with the gi and
no gi!!

We will be posting a list of confirmed fighters soon!


Leo Santos!!!

righting = Fighting?

Scotty thanks for the help keeping the Updates they change every day . Keep the good work going TTT for on the mat


Adrino Nasal -- ummm, there is an adrinal gland and the nasal cavity in the human face... Can there truly be such a named individual? If that is just a nickname, it's the worst one ever.

he is a very slick grappler.

wins: campeĆ£o mundial 96 - pan 96 wrestling submission campos 02 marca submission- powergym submission

and 2-0-0 in MMA I think


Dont forget to add my name to the List of Heavy Weight:-) I will be rocking the Gi & Pro. No-Gi! I just want to get 'on the mat', as it has been far too long (4 months since my last comp.)!

See you there buddy!

Dustin Ware