Ads pop back up for anyone else?

When I had logged in earlier and ever since I switched to a pro membership the ads were gone. When I logged back in I see a bunch of ads. Has this happened to anyone else with a pro membership? Thanks.

It’s a known issue with the update.

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There’s a couple threads on this. There will be a fix soon. They’re working on it.

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Ah, ok. I didn’t see any other threads but also didn’t look hard. Good to know at least it has been brought up.

Did the way you quote someone change? The bubble icon that was at the top left that was for quoting someone is gone.

No. Still here for me. A commie has probably taken yours.

The bubble is still here on my end.Just highlight the text that you want and click quote that`s above it.

This ad is at the bottom of the page.

The bubble icon was at the top left earlier today. As I suspected, the filthy reds are behind it.

WTF is this ad for?

Click the three lines.

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I had figured out the quoting earlier today. Icon was better as it was one button but it isn’t difficult to copy the quoted comment.

Yeah I’m being bombarded with earwax and garden shed adverts for some reason lol

Yeah, I was getting ads on Android earlier today. Lol, they’ve broken the “no ads for pro accounts” promise already. SHM.


No this is a glitch in a discourse plug-in update

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no ads on pc using ublock