Adult beginner wrestling classes in VA

Thought this was a good place to post this. If it needs to be moved thats cool. Been lurking here forever actually this is my third account going back to a long time just no access to those emails. Anyhow from time to time I see questions like this being asked. It took me about a year of emailing back and forth but finally found a club and a teacher who is willing to teach class. I'm 39 have done bjj,judo,boxing and MT and can tell you its the hardest but best thing I have ever done. It's been going on for two months so far I have been the only student but any memebrs in the DC/VA area should check it out. Its loctaed in Sterling VA and a legit adult beginners class which is rare and hard to find. Feel free to inbox or what not with questions and pricing and all that jazz. Thanks.

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