adv notice: 2008 combat sport camp

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Combat Sports Training Camp
Over 12 Hours of MMA Instruction and Training!
March 7, 8 and 9, 2008
Scheduled to teach at the camp
Sifu David A Ross, San Da Kickboxing
Carmine Zocchi, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Tim O’Connor, San Da Kickboxing
NEW! John Salgado, MMA Strength and Conditioning
Ian Morgan, San Da Kickboxing
Jeremy "Primo" Bellrose, Muay Thai Kickboxing

Who is the camp for?

This camp is for anyone that is looking to challenge themselves. You don’t have to be a fighter to benefit from this camp. Men and women, from any style or system, even those with NO TRAINING, are welcome to attend. This is a unique opportunity to learn new techniques, new training methods and new fighting strategies.

Where is the camp located?

The camp is held at New York San Da at 313 W 37th Strret in midtown Manhattan, New York. We are conveniently located just three blocks from Penn Station and 5 blocks from Port Authority.

What do I need to bring?

Please bring your normal work-out-gear (shorts, shirt, etc) and basic protective equipment including boxing gloves, shin guards, a groin cup and a mouth piece If there's anything you are missing, we have a Pro Shop on location.

What is the camp schedule?

Session One: Friday 6 pm to 8 pm

Session Two: Friday 8 pm to 10 pm

Session Three: Saturday 9 am to 12 noon

Session Four: Saturday 2 pm to 5 pm

Session Five: Sunday 9 am to 12 noon

Session Six: Sunday 2 pm to 4 pm

Topic of each session and instructor will be announced prior to seminar

You can register online at


Combat Sports Training Camp - March 7, 8 and 9, 2008
New York City
Annoucing the schedule and camp topics

Session One: Friday 6 pm to 8 pm
David Ross: San Da "boxing framework" (strikes, counter strikes, takedowns and takedown defense)

Session Two: Friday 8 pm to 10 pm

Carmine Zocchi: BJJ Half guard offense and defense


Session Three: Saturday 9 am to 11 am

Jeremy Bellrose: Muay Thai knee strikes 


11- 12 noon

John Salgado: MMA conditioning

Session Four: Saturday 2 pm to 5 pm

Ian Morgan: San Da Kickboxing combinations and counters 


Session Five: Sunday 9 am to 12 noon

Jeremy Bellrose: Muay Thai movement and ring control 

Session Six: Sunday 2 pm to 4 pm

David Ross: San Da clinching and MMA skills


STS network members: $120

Regular registration: $159



All the pics to be posted soon on!

next one is January 2009!

 Ross, I just had to intervene here... I have never, ever seen someone talk to themselves as much as you have in this post. it's really pathetic. can't you see that no one is interested? this is the same old reheated leftovers. nobody cares. no matters how much nuthugging you do on people that have something to contribute to the sport, you will NEVER have anything to contribute. it is really sad that all you have to say is "so and so is bringing such and such"... but what are YOU bringing? nothing... but a bill for anyone who is interested in anything but you to attend. so TT to the MF'ng T for Ross and his pathetic soliloquy.

only downside of the new forum is that those we put on IGNORE in the past seem to no longer be so......

PS: Thanks for the TTT

 Ross, I am happy to TTT anything that makes you look like the fool that you are. after.. count them... 11 months, you need ME, to TTT your post about your Combat Sports Camp?... do I need to say more? you're a sad, funny joke. no one... count them; no one, has replied, responded or posted to your pathetic attempt to steal people's money with the efforts of people who deserve far more than to be associated with incompetent, pathetic jokes such as yourself. your

You're a pathetic joke and the whole world knows it by now. How many people have told you to take a hike? I do these seminars about 3 times a year and they always SELL OUT. I know, everything you've ever done has been a dismal failure, so it bothers you. What ever happened to your attempt at promoting LMFAO......

 please Ross, you have no clue. prove to the world what you have EVER sold out. in spite of the fact that I have never proclaimed a sell out event, I am extremely proud of what me and Sambo Steve have achieved. the Battle of Brooklyn ran for  7 events and we are proud of each and every one of them. world famous fighters got their start at Gleason's Gym. we have nothing to mention but proud moments. YOU?

 I thought so Ross. you are a sad, pathetic joke. I am terribly proud of each and every fighter and coach that has particiapated in the Battle f Brooklyn. no apologies, no regrets. you? you're a joke. a sad, pathetic joke. just look at you.

Negron, you keep telling yourself whatever you need to so you don't cry yourself to sleep at night! Your long list of failures is well known, no need to re-list them. The irony that keeps digging at you is that the only time you ever made money was when you did projects with me, until you killed the golden goose with your hairbrained attempt to set up your own gym. Even after that, you tried to bootleg my DVD...... about rehashing old shit...LOL. This is Hatfield and McCoy territory. But, I am down for another round of trolling might liven up the forum here which has been dead for a while.

Ross, just be quiet, keep chatting with yourself on the forums. Can't you find anything new to complain about? You sound like a whinning little baby "...ewww...Mark tried to open his own gym...ewww...Mark tried to bootleg my DVD...."  Both claims are outright BS and you know it in your delusional little heart.  What is even more hysterical is thinking of yourself as a "golden goose"! Now that is a damn trip. Yeah, something in you was killed a few years ago on these boards, but it was no golden goose...LOL. Go back to your schizophrenic self-conversations so we can all sit back and watch them with buckets of popcorn. 

Regarding the BOB, another topic which you know nothing about...The Battle of Brooklyn was a VERY respected show...we never claimed to sell out.  Mark and I ran seven great events, each better than the last, and I still get requets to do more (I am sure Mark does as well). Unfortunately, since Mark moved, we have not been able to do another show and life has moved on.

BTW seafood, since you are brining up supposed failed shows...when was the last time you ran your own show? Seems it has been a while huh? And I am not talking about other people's shows you worked the recent Mohegan Sun disaster you claimed to "run", which you in fact did not run (Ironically, I had a nice conversation with Ventura about how you hardly had any hand in that show BTW). But, nevertheless, in the process of not running that apparent cluster fu*k, you disrespected your fellow san da and muay thai coaches/fighters by with-holding information which lead to them wasting time and money...while withdrawing your own guys to avoid their making similar mistakes. Nice.

We have all moved on, but, it is nice to see that some things never change. Your pathetic rants are nostalgic to me now. 


Clearly, physically Negron may have moved but his mind is still stuck in his BS. I frankly could care less what he thinks. I frankly could care less what you think. I KNOW you don't have any idea of what you are talking about

Ventura and I ran very successfully at the PAL Duncan Center until the athletic commission pressured them into not renting to any martial arts show. I think (not sure) you already know the reason, and that it had nothing to do with us (or kickboxing). Since you can't rent facility that has a liquor license to do a martial arts show, nor do I want to spend thousands of dollars to rent a venue, I haven't done another show. But as you know, because you were at at least one of those shows, they indeed sold out and did very well

BOO HOO, wah wah, let's bitch about the Mohegan Sun show. Talk about twisting crap around. NO, of course I had nothign to do with that show. I did pull out. THE SOLE REASON I was there was because Paul asked me to be. But if you know the details you already know that.

We don't need to rehash Negron's many failures. They are well known. I was here before him, I am still here. Bigger and better things ALWAYS. Wait until you see the next developments


(edited for spelling)

 Yes, I was at one PAL show (was that your last show?). It was a good one. Never said it was'nt.

Regarding the Mohegan Sun you say "you had nothing to do with it". Now who is twisting words around? Let's look back again...

You had been promoting the show all over the net since June...presumably many of the folks who showed up found out about the show because of you.

Then you mysteriusly stop pushing the show a few weeks out. And we all know how hard it is for you to be silent on the net...especially when talking about yourself.

Then once it came public that the show tanked and people got screwed with the blood rules they knew nothing about, you said on August 5th : "I was there and ran BOTH the san da and the Muay Thai" and "As I said, I ran all the kickboxing (ie both the Muay Thai and the San Da)."

Then you said again on August 5th: "For a variety of reasons I decided the event was not in the best interests of the athletes competing, so I didn't bring my team. A number of teams followed the trend. However, as a member of USKBA I was there to run the event for those who chose to compete."

Then when asked about why you pulled your guys from a show you "ran" but, did not inform others about potential problems, you changed your role with the show to this on August 6th: "I simply bracketed the tournament and recorded the results for the USKBA,"
(BTW, Ventura disputed these claims to me and thanked me for helping keep you in check...LOL)

At which point you shut up and stopped posting on the thread. However, you PM'd me saying this on August 7th: "NO I DID NOT RUN THE THING"

You said this while explaining to me in PM's (because you did not want to speak publically) how you knew 12 days out from the event that the Tribal Commission was instituting the blood rule after they originally said they would not; which is what screwed everyone who went.  People who never got to fight at all, or had fights stopped for bogus blood calls, and people who had to fight for refunds (if they even got any). Did you get paid for your work that day?

So you went from publically claiming you "ran the show", to just "doing the brackets and recording results", not "not running the thing at all"...and on this thread, saying you had nothing to do with it.  That, my friend, is twisting words around. BTW, in your PMs you did indicate to me that you were at at least one prior meeting with the commission regarding planning this event in which they said they were not going to institute the blood rule (before they changed their minds 12 days out). So what role did you play exactly with this event?

All the while you knew about the impending problems that the blood rule would cause when the commission changed their minds, pulled your guys out because of it, and let everyone else who attended get screwed...people that most likely found out about the show from your promotions. You claim you did this out of respect for Paul and the USKBA. What a great representative you are. You let people go to a USKBA show that you knew had problems. You would have better represented the USKBA by owning up and being honest. Now that show has a bad reputation.

Lastly, you PM'd me and said you would have never discussed any of this had Mark not asked on the original thread.



SamboSteve - 
 Yes, I was at one PAL show (was that your last show?). It was a good one. Never said it was'nt.

Good, we got that out of the way. I respect the fact that even when you don't agree with someone, you stick to the facts....

(PS: no, it was second to last one...)

Now, that being said, you are confusing the issues RE Mohegan Sun.

There is a promoter, an athletic commission and a sanctioning body. As I am sure you already know, they do very different things. I was only there to help the SANCTIONING BODY. IE I bracketed the tournaments and recorded the results. I neither was paid for this nor did I get a hotel room I was promised. Furthermore, despite the fact my professional fighter made the contract weight the promoter tried to not pay him. I had no control over the blood rule, etc.... I certainly had/have no power to give people refunds since I never collected a dime nor received one