advanced copy of mundials

Hey guys just wanted to share my thoughts on the mundial dvds comming out from

First off thanks to bjjtapes for hooking me up with the dvds. Well, the mundial dvds are on two duel sided dvds, so no doubt your looking at a lot of jiu jitsu. I dont know if they are dvd 9 or the 4 gig ones, but either way its a lot of footage, ive only seen a little bit of it (give me a break i got it last night and its like 8+ hours of footage) but of what ive seen, its awsome, multiple angles from multiple cameras on the roger X jacare match. The camera gets in close, then pulls out, then back in, but not in a manner that inturrupts the action, shit it felt like i was there! You can hear the crowd chant "Jacare, Jacare, Jacare!!!" Also saw the terere X roger match also, very intense, but it was getting late and i had to catch some zzz's. So far the dvds look great, and the only problem i had was the annoying sound clip that plays in the background of the title and chapter select, BUT thats not why people buy the dvd, we buy it for the Jiu jitsu, and im telling you theres alot of it.

great news!! kicks ass!


does anyone know if there's a size chart for their bjj gi's? i don't see a sizing chart

Sounds good !


Here's a match with Gordo online:

(vs Rogerio Olegario)

Now, here's some videos which feature Gordo:

(vs Rogerio Olegario)
Mundial 1996

Pan Americans 2000 (vs Xande Riberio)

Brasiliero 2000 (vs Macaco and Margarida)

Campos 2002 (vs Jamelo)

just curious why you posted that info about gordo, gumby.

Gumby, wasn't that for the other thread (Gordo's best matches)?

I received promo DVD copies today as well. First off it's two DVD-9s Eight hours of  footage, 4 hours on each disc.

The Opening Menus are of New York City with five bill board like screens playing different matches in the back ground. It's not the typical BJJ DVD menus. It's different and looks good. BJJ Tapes stepped out of the box for this one. Nothing wrong with that. On one DVD it's Mundial Finals and Best Moves. The second DVD is Best Fights. So far I have only watched Best Moves and Finals. Eight Hours is a lot of footage. I watched Best Moves Part of the DVD first. Best Moves has the following chapters, Guard Passes. Sweeps, Submissions, Takedown. I started watching from Guard Passes and let it play all the way through to Takedowns. All the of the best moves are short clips from all the match from Mundials from the categories I mentioned above. 

BJJ Tapes puts a name to a face and titled each and every clip with the competitors name and school. I won't have thought they would have done it the Best Moves portion of the DVD, but they did. It makes easy to know who's who. I'm one who doesn't know who someone is unless I know them, or someone tells me who they are. I like that BJJ Tapes listed the competitors names it makes it easy to ID all the competitors.

 Last weekend I attended Jacare's Seminar here in LA. He showed a choke using the skirt of his kimono. Paulo, my training partner that day, and I where talking about how we could use that choke in our game. While watching Best Moves, Jacare DID the CHOKE! I hit the skip back button to watch it again, Mainly to see how he set up the choke. You won't be disappointed  with this DVD. There are a LOT of Techniques On this DVD!

I then watched the Finals part of the DVD. BJJ Tapes had up to three camera angels to give two close up views from what I will call the mat view and one high view. The high view must have been from top of the venue. It's a camera view of the whole mat. It's aview that gets everything happening on the mat. When I watched the Roger Gracie vs. Jacare Final. Most of the match you are watching at mat view, then switched to the high view. Then will go back to the mat views. If there is a lot of action going on it goes to the best possible view to give you the feel that you are right there on the mat. None of that zooming in and out or switching from mat view to high view to get you motion sickness. You get a great view of the Arm Bar by Roger and Jacare's escape from the mat. If you watch closely just before Roger gets Jacare's arm, watch what Jacare is doing. Soon after the restart Then It goes out to the high over until the finish of the match. I have seen many tapes/DVD of BB matches, this one will go down as one of the all time best.

Here are the list of Finals on the Mundial Finals and Best Submissions DVD

  • Galo Gabriel Moraes vs. Geremias Maia
  • Pluma  Bibiano Fernandes vs. Fernando Vieira
  • Pena  Mario Reis vs. Fredson Paixao
  • Leve Daniel Moraes vs. Rodrigo Magahaes
  • Medio  Marcelo Garcia vs. Casio Werneck
  • Medio Pesado Braulio Estima vs. Jacare’
  • Jacare forfeits
  • Pesado  Jeferson Moura vs. Alexandre Ribeiro
  • Super pesado  Comprido vs. Rodger Gracie
  • Pessadissimo – Terere vs Fabricio Werdum
  • Absolute – Jacare’ vs. Rodger Gracie

I still have to watch the Best fights I know I won't be disappointed.