Advantages of Citrix??

So we have Citrix installed on our servers...and i just dont know why we have it. It costs a ton of money to run, and i dont even think we use it effectively.

We dont run it in a clustered environemtn, we dont have published application, nor published printers...all we seem to use it for is to view users that are on the servers.

Its so dumb, this program is made for terminal servies with addons, such as centrally monitored software, yet nothing is used....

Should i just recommend that we get rid of it? Or is tehre a cost effetive solution, or advantage of using it.

I design and implement Citrix infrastructures for companies. There are alot of advantages to using Citrix depending on the environment of course. Tell me what your user environment looks like and what version of Citrix you are running and I'll tell you how it can work better for you and your environment.

We are running Citrix Presentation not sure what version, but im pretty sure its the latest one.

We have 5 servers running in a non-farmed environment. We pick and choose which user goes to what server...dont ask me.

We run a 2003 standard environment...we have 15 remote offices with 10-20 users at most locations.