advertise in the IRONHEART CROWN!!

Advertise in the ironheart crown "crucible". Call me ERic Newell at 219-808-3442

ttt, many packages available, fits everyones budget

I have a "I'm with Stupid" shirt business. How much would it cost for the referees to wear them?

if they're the ones with the arrow pointing up, ill take one

I am the president of the "San Francisco Alternative Lifestyle Club" and would be willing to work out a buisness deal. I am young, flamboyant and ready for success.

Please e-mail me:


the arrow on the "i'm with stupid" shirts can point any way you want, EVEN DOWN.

as part of the sponsorship deal, i'd also like to give a speach, like the "fokused" guy did at the last Iron Heart. instead of saying "is everyone ready to get fokused", my tag line is "let's get really, really, really stupid".

please e-mail me through to discuss.


Tristan -
President of Domestic and International Sales and Senior Executive Shirt Designer.

If instead of an arrow your company can design a rainbow pointing to free choice and same sex marriage we need to talk buisness.

"Rainbow" Ramy Daoud


who is this seeking sponsors for the ironheart? please let me know.

ERic Newell at 219-808-3442

He is one of Braulio's students.

Hey Valetudo... please take the post down and then call me at 773-793-6555 or email me at

I appreciate the support, and I'm sure that Braulio does too, but this is an unprofessional way to solicit sponsorship. It makes us look "small-time" and also opens us up to the hazing you saw on the other thread. Not to mention that its not very effective.

No offense, and again, I appreciate it, but I don't think this is the way to go.