Advice for 1rst class back?

Tony, it has been quite awhile since I have
trained in a formal class setting. I am
starting at a new school on Wednesday and
am feeling a bit of anxiety. I am not
worried about being tapped out a bunch
(because that is how you learn) and I have
enough experience to hold my own. For some
reason I always have a very difficult time
getting into a class setting. I am more
nervous about starting into a contract then
not wanting to go shortly after. Can you
give me any advice as to how to get my mind
into a proper state to learn and get used
to going to class on a regular basis. Thanks
in advance. Can you recomend any of your
tapes that may help my dilema.



Let's start with the tape recomendations:

I have over 30 vidoes, I would recomend you get all of them now.

Ok, next topic. Class.

ANswer these questions after some introsepction:

1. Why do you want to train?

2. Why did you select this school?

3. Why did you drop out of the last class?

4. How much of your 'fear' dictates your choices?

5. Can your training address and then adjust more of your emotional/psychological goals rather than physical?

POnder all that. Training without clarity is why many drop out.

Best of luck.


BTW: Re tapes, you can spend around $2000 for all the tapes or $39 for all my audios. Get my audios. Get the mental edge. :-)

Thanks Tony. I feel that maybe part of by
problem is that I don't set goals in my
training. I am not that interested in
compitition because of my work schedule and
am not the kind of person who gets into
many fights. I train mostly because it is
fun. Some people train for rank but that is
not really important to me either. Maybe I
should force myself into some kind of comp
just to motivate me to train more often.
I appreciate your insight.