Advice for a better workout

I have never been to a gym before and only have time for 2 workouts a week. Being that I am a skinny mofo, what would be the best option for me from - 2 day Strength & Power Advanced? Or 2 Day Bodybuilding Intro. --I really want to put on some mass and look good, ideally some time soon. Which program would get me there in the shortest time?

Your advice?

look good? You may not want to say that around here.

I don't think there's anything wrong with training in order to look good. It's certainly one of my top five reasons for lifting.

I wasn't able to get the details on the two programs because I didn't want to register on the fitrex site. As a beginner it honestly doesn't matter too much what sort of program you use. Most important is that you actually do it; if it's too much of a pain to work through find something else that you like.

It's also very important to eat a ton in order to gain weight, and don't worry if you put on some fat along with the lean mass. You can trim down again later if you're so inclined.

Check out the "A GREAT BEGINNER WORK OUT" thread for more info.

Mods, I think it'd really help if we could pin a thread at the top and all stick our getting-started advice there. We see so many of these threads that a lot of them go unanswered. Is that doable?

thanks Gary! You da man!