Advice from truck experts

I am looking at buying a new truck.  I have found what I think to be a pretty good deal.  I am just a bit confused by the huge variance in prices for different trim levels.  I am not oblivious to the obvious differences in these higher level trims, they just don't seem worth it for an uneducated buyer like me.

This is the truck I am interested in buying.

MSRP $43,730, with all the sales the final price is $32,999.  This seems like a good deal to me.  It has everything I want from a simply glance.  I want the back seat, I wanted a V8.  I didn't want the longer bed.

There are significantly more expensive trims of this truck.  For someone who is mostly driving to and from work is there any big reason to go with trims that are like $10,000 more?  90% of the time having a truck doesn't matter to me but for that 10% of the time when I am hauling stuff this seems like a good enough deal.

Sounds like the lower level truck fits your needs . Don't buy all the bullshit.  

When do 2019's come out?  You might get the same 2018 for even less in the next couple months.  Too much of the fancier trim stuff and you'll be afraid to use it for a truck.

2019's are out.  I think this is pretty close to as good of a deal as I am going to get in the state of Alaska.  I could easily be wrong I am definitely not an expert but I routinely look to see what kind of deals are available.