Advice Needed

Get you're ass off of the og and tell the man! Phone Post 3.0

Tell Him

Death and Taxes -

Going to need some pics first to access the situation properly.

Need pics of wife to see if I would access her Phone Post 3.0

Wife first, friend second, cheater last.

Gotta tell him asap if he's really a friend, and on another equally important note why the fuck is your wife hanging out with some dumb whore. I don't tell my wife who to hang out with but I def don't hold my tongue around stupid bitches so it usually works itself out. Tighten up homeboy Phone Post 3.0

If your wife is taking the side of a cheating whore it might be time to reevaluate your relationship. Phone Post 3.0

Tell him one way another - you'd want to know if the situation was reversed. Phone Post 3.0