advice needed

i really didnt know what to put in the topic

ok quite a few months ago a guy contacted me about making a website. the agreement was for the site to be done for a sum (contract job) and then a portion of the company plus a fulltime job once it was done. great, my friend and i agreed to do it. nothing was ever signed.

in between then and now a bunch of things happen. another guy joins the crew and he wants to go legit with everything. he starts hiring lawyers, preparing paperwork, and laying the ground work for this to be a successful venture. still nothing has been signed.

to better understand the situation you should know that i didnt take the mind-set of this being a fulltime job. i just did work whenever i felt like it and wasnt partying which was pretty much fine with the first guy. there were alot of reasons why the site wasnt dont but theyre not so relevent i dont think.

last month they come to me with a contract. it is absolutely NOTHING like what we agreed on. at the meeting i just told them id bring it home so i could look at it all the while knowing that they were trying to fuck me. pretty much the biggest gripe i had, and i remember there being others, was that i would be under a consultant agreement from now until june and i would only be paid $800.

now i may be young and naive and these guys are may be rich, but you cant pull a fast one on foo55. i got pissed, called one of the guys and told him i thought it was fucking shady. he started back peddling and going on the offensive and saying that it was a contract written up by the lawyers and the big webdesign firm here uses it. i pointed out that if i was supposed to be the consultant, shouldnt i have been the one that wrote up the contract? he said yes and told me i needed lawyers todo that and i probably couldnt afford it. i said fine and hung up.

that brings us to now. theyve been calling me for 2 weeks but i havent picked up the phone once. i know, this was probably a mistake but i just didnt want to bother with those assholes.

today in the mail was a letter lettered 'termination of consultant agreement'. in it it asks me to turn over everything ive ever done and for me to not tamper with the website.

now this is what i have to ask you. since i have never signed anything, do i have to turn anything over? its technically all mine, correct? i never signed any type of diclosure or contract saying that i would not sell the idea or that i would hand over the work.

could i be sued for that? and if that happens, wouldnt they have to live up to what we agreed on verbally before?

sorry for being so long

But did you have an agreement that was understood by both parties?


and when i asked him about why he decided to change what we agreed on he told me he thought he was doing me a favor by coming up with this new contract