Advice on building new comp

Hey guy,

Im getting ready to build a new computer. This comp will be pretty much a gaming and porn machine.

So far I have a monitor a radeon 9700 pro, an audigy 2, and a dvd drive. This stuff is all from my current computer and will be making the trip over to the new ride.

My main concerns are mobo and processor. Ive got about 1000 to spend. Ive already decided on Kingston Hyper X for memory ( which will run me about 300 for a gig) but need help on the other stuff.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Athlon64 would be my recomendation unless you have strong feelings towards Intel... 1000 can get you a long way.

Im running an amd now so thats not big deal. Is the athlon 64 out now?

OK I just checked out the Athlon 64. Is this the correct cpu?

If so, ( sorry I havent upgraded in a while running a 1.3ghz) what does the speed of that chip translate to?

Something like that would be very, very fast.

I saw benchmarks where the Athlon64 3200+ beat the Pentium 3.2 GHz in UT2k3 benchmarks by like 15 fps.

i got some benchmarks post on the IT forum under AMD vs Intel

on an amd64 3400

kicks fuckin ass

can out perform many PC ya, but laptops are not the best for gaming (yet)

*loyal amd fan"

Keep the parts that you spoke of and get yourself and nforce3 mobo and amd 64 bit cpu. For sure the best performer atm.